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The Soul is the infinite part of you that is timeless, limitless, vast, expansive and free. It has no boundaries in time and space. We are the ones who place limits on ourselves. When we become aware of this, we can "clear the clutter in our path" and open ourselves up to amazing opportunities and abundance in all areas of our lives.


Your soul speaks to you in many different ways. It is persistently trying to grab your attention through things like repeating numbers, signs, symbols, animals, thoughts, and feelings. However, through the noise and static of our modern world, it can be difficult for us to hear this guidance. I am here to help you understand and communicate to you what your soul wants you to know, what is for your best and Highest good and what steps you can take that will get you there.


Soul coaching sessions are intended to bring understanding, healing, and peace into your life. We will create an open sanctuary in which you can talk to me about any issues you are experiencing that you'd like guidance on relationships, personal issues, finances, career, etc. The goal is always to bring abundance, light, love, joy, and freedom into your life. I will also help you develop your own intuition as you become aware of your soul's "whisper" so that you can begin receiving guidance for yourself.


Consistent soul-coaching sessions will help you stay in the flow - a state of being in which everything just seems to fall perfectly into place.


You can read about some of the techniques I use within soul-coaching sessions here. These sessions are available by phone or face-to-face.

Soul Coaching

Laura has helped me by in so many ways, it would take a book to express how she helped me. Here are a few examples. she taught me how to meditate, clear my chakra's and to connect with spirit and my higher self. By doing I was able to control my anxiety and recognize my feeling and emotions, with that I was able to heal myself. I no longer have to take as much medication as I used to. I have learned to love, appreciate and to be patient with myself. -Client R


1-hour session - 

First time client: $180

Returning client: $150

Low Prices!

Limited Time Offer

Book and Pay Ahead

4 - 1-hour sessions: $425

6 - 1-hour sessions: $580

12 - 1-hour sessions: $980




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