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Abraham is a group of nonphysical beings who collectively call themselves Abraham, meaning teacher. In essence, they are a group of Higher Selves (not one, but many). You can think of them as great Masters that only want to help you align with your soul’s wisdom and true purpose. They have explained to me that they resonate on the same frequency and so their messages are more profound as they are utilizing many Higher perspectives at once or altogether. You can also think of Abraham as a Higher extension of yourself or of your soul.


Abraham's intention

is to bring forward messages that bring each of us clarity and understanding in our daily lives. They also want us to know that we are always unconditionally loved, no matter what we do.


I explain in depth in my book how Abraham’s wisdom and guidance has transformed my life. But briefly, when I connect with them for myself, they always know exactly what I need in that moment. As a child, my trust was broken. And with Abraham’s help, I’ve been able to piece my life back together and find true healing and peace.


When I connect with Abraham for a client, the messages are typically lengthy, insightful, and filled with so much love. I have so many people tell me how they re-read the messages over and over because they are so in depth. Abraham's wisdom is truly invaluable. This group of nonphysical beings is dedicated to helping us work through our daily issues from a Higher perspective that is all-knowing and completely free of judgement. They only want us to be happy and live our lives as the best version of ourselves. Abraham is always with us cheering us on, encouraging us to keep learning and growing, and providing us with the clarity to see through any situation.


My intention is to help everyone learn how to connect with Abraham (or their Higher Self) to receive their own personal messages. It’s really not that hard! It’s just that sometimes we get in our own way and don’t listen to our inner guidance.


Abraham wants each one of us to trust ourselves, listen to our own intuition and discover our unique talents and gifts inside our souls. They are always with us, encouraging us, just waiting for us to ask for their help! I have integrated myself with Abraham, channeled a book through them, connect with them for personal guidance on a regular basis, and I now teach others how to do the same. For my full story, more on Abraham, and all-access guidance to connecting with Abraham for yourself, read my book - "The Keys To: Your Higher Self." If you're interested in receiving a personal message channeled through me from Abraham, learn more about Higher-Self Readings here.



Love is all there is...


Meet Abraham

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