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Several years ago, I had a profound spiritual experience that changed my life. Since then, I have been communicating with spirit on a regular basis and teaching others how to do the same. I am an Author, Medium/Intuitive, Healer, Soul Coach and Certified Angel Card Reader.


We all have many guides, Masters, angels and loved ones who are waiting to assist us to make our lives easier. I serve as a conduit of these loving messages and Divine guidance. My life purpose is to use my gifts to bring individuals peace and understanding of the spirit world.


Through my connection with spirit, I have channeled a book - "The Keys To: Your Higher Self" - with a group of non-physical beings that collectively call themselves Abraham, meaning teacher. Abraham has so much wisdom to share with us in order to help us all re-connect with our Higher Selves and experience all of the love, understanding, inner peace and healing that the spirit world brings us. Each and every one of us has the ability, we just simply have to tap into it.


Both mine and Abraham's intention is to provide humanity with the truths that we are always safe and unconditionally loved. We are all connected to spirit and can ask for assistance at any time. Be open to the information that spirit brings you, for spirit is always with you, protecting and guiding you on this wonderful journey that we call life.

Learn more about Abraham here.

Meet  Laura


Certified Angel Card Reader - Doreen Virtue (Hay House)

Reiki Master

Certified Bars Practitioner - Access Consciousness

"Awakening Your Light Body" Cetification - Orin & DaBen

"Radiance: Self-Exciting" Certification - DaBen

"Spiritual Growth" Certification - Orin

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certification Course - CARE

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.) Certification - CARE

Certified Paper People Presenter (an early childhood substance abuse prevention program) - CARE

"Child Abuse As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Child" Certification Course - Big Family of Michigan

Champions For Life Kid's Camp Certification - Vision HOPE


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