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“Laura is a very gifted spiritual teacher, healer, medium and writer! She has such a passion and love for all that she does. She is helping so many move forward in their journey. I highly recommend you read Laura's book, as it was truly channeled by higher beings! I am so honored to call her my friend!"


- Rev. Dianne G.


Rev. Dianne G.
Laura Ashley-Abraham Testimonials


Ann Marie M.

“The moment you meet Laura, you just feel a sense of calm, that sense of "everything is going to be OKAY."  I've used Laura two times at very critical times of my life.  Not only did she get me back on my path, but with a sense of deep love and peace. She really cares about you and your well-being -- physically and emotionally. I always beg her to be my friend because she's not only great at what she does, but she's that person that you would truly love to have in your life as a friend.  She's a keeper!”


- Ann Marie M.


“I approach Laura with few expectations but somehow my heart lifts just being near her.  We chat briefly and she says my son is near. She repeats what Keith says then follows with in-depth things he tells her, things that only he and I share.  There is no doubt that my son and I are touching each other across the divide between realities. Laura is a jewel to treasure.”


- Larry N.


Larry N.
Amber V.

“I am beyond proud to call Laura my mother. She is extremely gifted, caring and comforting to be around. Every single one of her clients end up becoming friends. She puts so much love into what she does and she has helped so many people in beautiful ways, including me.


I hit a turning point at 18 when a series of traumatic events left me feeling terribly lost, empty and open to anything that could help me feel better...even a message from Abraham channeled through my mom.


The words that came out of her mouth at this pivotal moment resonated so deeply with my soul that it shocked me to tears. I was sure that this message had to have come from a higher being. That day I committed to completely turn my life around and went on to become a coach to those in need of a similar transformation.


Whenever I have a rough day I reread that original message that my mom channelled from Abraham and remember how it made me feel so incredibly loved, understood, and divinely guided."


- Amber V. | Holistic Health + Soul Coach


“I’ve been doing Laura’s hair for seven years and every time she sits in the chair she gives me a reading. She always brings forward uplifting messages that help me stay positive and focused. Laura is so happy and sweet, she always makes my day!”


- Christina B.



Christina B.
Renee A.

"It is my pleasure to recommend Laura Ashley-Abraham for her loving guidance and wisdom. What comes from a conversation with Laura is peace and comfort, and information that uplifts your soul. You're challenged to see yourself in a different light, to perceive what's possible for you and to become your higher self."


- Renee A.


"I've had a sense of peace ever since" -Client J.

(Private Reading)


"I spoke with most of the people who attended the party. They were so happy with their readings. They said, thank you and you are such a beautiful soul." -Client R.

(Reading Party)


"HI ~ Laura, Thank you so much for yesterday! I slept good last night I felt at peace..." 

-Client J.

(Reading Party)


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