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Allow me to come to your home or event and do readings for your family and friends! This will require me to have a quiet, separate space with a small table to give private readings to you and each of your guests individually while the rest mingle and have a great time.


You can have anywhere from 6 to 8 people (not including the host), which will be approximately three to four hours for the entire party depending on the number of people. You and your guests will each receive their individual readings from me based on the time slot they have chosen.  


Upon booking date and time for the party, I will send you a sign-up sheet with time slots for you and your guests along with information on each of the different types of readings that I offer, and a guide on what to expect from a reading. 

Quote from a recent client: "I spoke with most of the people who attended the party. They were so happy with their readings. They said, thank you and you are such a beautiful soul."


(Note: If you would like a reading for your family as a group, not individually, that would need to be booked with me as a family reading.)






   30-minute reading . . . $80 each


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