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Distance Healing


Distance healing is energy work from a distance that can be sent to a person, animal or region anywhere in the world.



Each situation with distance healing is unique. I will connect with my guides, Reiki Masters, Higher Self and angels to check in with you or a loved one’s energy in order to bring forward anything at all that would be beneficial for ultimate healing. I will ask for the Highest of Divine guidance to access healing information that would be of the greatest benefit for the situation. They may bring forward a vitamin, a book or a self-care practice that would help you heal...whatever is for your best and Highest good. I may also use a combination of healing modalities that I customize to each situation.



Energy healing is a process to be used when you or a loved one is in distress on a mental, emotional or physical level (or all three). We all have the ability to call on angels and guides at any time for this healing. During a distance healing session, I am accessing Universal energy that everyone has the ability to tap into. Setting the intention to surround or protect yourself or a loved one is really all you need. However, when you are in a high-emotional situation, it can be difficult to hear the Divine guidance that is trying to come forward. If you feel you need additional support, this is where I can be of service.



  • Protection while traveling/military families

  • Guidance during an important test

  • Clarity, insight, answers and divine guidance when feeling stuck

  • Healing during an illness

  • Relieving anxieties surrounding dental work

  • Removing blocks to communication before an important speaking event

  • Healing and protecting a pet in distress

  • Increasing recovery time, healing and protecting someone undergoing surgery or medical procedures

  • Discovering the root of a health problem

  • Relieving physical pain, increasing healing energy and surrounding an individual with loving and healing angels

  • Sending love and peaceful resolutions to a country at war

  • Increasing energy before or during an important event or a long day of work when feeling tired, sick or distressed and want things to go smoothly

  • Healing from an addiction or trauma



You really never know what spirit will bring forward so it’s very important to have an open mind and a focused intention without expectations. Expectations can create a block to a positive outcome. Please also keep in mind that this is a very sacred healing process and will not be used to override someone’s free will.







If you are interested in this service, please click below to contact me for a free phone consultation. This is a very unique service and rates will vary depending on the request.


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