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Space Clearing


Allow me to come to your home or business and energetically clear the space. I can help to bring clarity to your particular situation by energetically clearing the space, bringing forward any messages from a loved one who has passed, or by creating a loving, open, peaceful, calming and more productive space. I will do a blessing of the space as well and ask that it be protected by the Highest of Divine love and Angelic energy.

(Note: this process can also be done remotely, meaning I would energetically "check in" to space and clear it without physically being there on site.)



This type of service is good when you are feeling an uneasiness, unexplained activity, a heaviness or if you tend to avoid an area of the premises.


Space Clearings are of extreme benefit to anyone who is moving into a new space, home or business, to welcome a new baby, as well as to someone who is recovering from an illness, divorce or other stressful situation.  


Often times, there can be a loved one on the Other Side who is trying to bring forward a message and get your attention. People will sometimes mistake lights flickering or feeling like something is "off" for negative energy, and this is usually not the case.



This entire process usually takes an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the space. The amount of time that it takes me to clear space can cause prices to vary, but my average rates are shown below.


Average Rates

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