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Within soul coaching sessions, I may use a variety of techniques that I've accumulated as I feel guided to do so. Some of these techniques include: Root Therapy, Cord Cutting, Past Life Healing and Yearly Card Spreads.




Root therapy is a strategy that I have developed through personal experience in order to heal repeating life patterns. Becoming aware of a root cause of an issue is the first step to clearing and resolving it so that it no longer has a negative impact on your life.

For example, if you are in a relationship where you are feeling unappreciated or taken advantage of, you may see this repeating behavior or pattern in other areas of your life. For instance, you may feel your boss does not see your worth and you come to me seeking help with your job. When we take a look at this pattern, you realize you've also drawn in a friend who doesn't appreciate you and you feel like your son takes advantage of you. This is a process of looking at all aspects of your life and uncovering the "root" or where it began/how it was formed. I have used this technique in many areas of my life to end negative repeating patterns that were holding me back. Once I was able to identify the root, I was then able to create healing and change my future behavior/outcomes.




Sometimes when a client comes to me for soul coaching on a problem they're experiencing, such as difficulty speaking and expressing emotions, I will feel that it is connected to a past life. My guides will intruct me on how to proceed with this connection so that it no longer impacts your life and you are able to resolve your problem in this lifetime.


We all have had many past lives, whether or not we are aware of it. Our soul is carried through these lifetimes and may hold onto unresolved issues, such as phobias, fears or even ailments. During a soul coaching session, a past life issue may come forward. If this happens, know that there is a reason. The past life issue may need to be healed, released, or just require increased awareness around it. My cord cutting technique (see below) is most beneficial for clearing the repeating patterns we experience in this lifetime.




We all have etheric cords that are attached to people, events, circumstances and patterns in our lives. Some of these cords are good but some of them can create blocks and hold us back. These cords can be created in this lifetime or a past life and be carried forward into this life if they are unresolved. There are times where cords are needing to be cut energetically to a situation, past/present/future, that can create healing and an open space for new. Once I cut the necessary cords, I will help you fill that space with light and the intention to bring forward people, events, circumstamces and patterns that are in alignment with your best and highest good.




First, I will ask my guides to connect with your soul in order to bring forward accurate information that will help guide you throughout the next 12 months. Using the Soul Coaching Oracle card deck, I will intuitively draw 12 cards to determine a theme for each of the next 12 months. I will also draw an additional card to depict the overall theme for the spread.


This reading can be done at any time of the year and gives you a clear overview of what to expect and how to bring balance into your life. You will know where you should place your attention at each month, for example, where to take action or when to rest.

My Techniques

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