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Laura's Higher Self Message 16


September 24, 2020


LAURA: Well, hello again our Spiritual Family!!! So happy to be connecting with you today! Each week Connie and I (The Michigan Medium Angels) will channel a message for you from Your Higher Self. If you are reading this, the message is meant for you! This week’s message has a great technique that you can use at any time to shift a situation or your mood. It may seem too easy or simple… you may have heard it before… but try it! I guarantee it will help to shift whatever is going on. My guides are always telling me to stop focusing on my “problem” and focus on what I want. This concept truly takes practice and it does not happen over night. This message is truly simple, but very profound. So really make the time to try it. Try it for a week and post your thoughts or progress on our Facebook page. We are doing some remodeling and rebranding of our site. Our name has changed from The S.O.U.L. Healing Center to The Michigan Medium Angels. We are working to streamline our pages so you can get all of your information in one place. We have also hired a new assistant to help us. Her name is Lilly and we are sooooo happy to have her on our Angelic Team! Please welcome her if you get a chance :)

BONUS!! I do want to make sure I let you know about a bonus that I will be sharing with you. My mistake is your gain! Woohooo… So two weeks ago I was supposed to channel a Higher Self Message like this … and … well… oops… I forgot! And I didn’t have time after the fact. During that time I had a client ask me to channel a meditation for her. Mother Mary came through and channeled the most beautiful meditation for her … and Mother Mary asked me to share it with you. She said so many of us need some extra love right now. So I have decided to share it with you FOR FREE FOR A LIMTED TIME! I will release it tomorrow (9/25/20) and you can listen to it over the weekend at your leisure. On Monday (9/28/20) you won’t be able to access it for free, but I will have it available to purchase on my website at It is called “Mother Mary Meditation”. I hope you enjoy it. And please, please, please let me know your experience afterward! I would love to know how this meditation impacted you :)

YOUR HIGHER SELF: Today we would encourage you to go within. There is so much to discover when you take time to connect with your inner knowing, your inner self, your soul. This is your connection to All-That-Is. There is so much to be grateful and appreciative of in your world. At times it can seem that things are chaotic and out of control. But we would encourage you today to notice and look at what is working in your life. For many of you, it is habit to notice/see what is not working in your life. We would encourage you to do something different today: Notice what is working! When you want to change a situation, many of you will replay over and over what can you do differently. You will try to find a solution by thinking and thinking and thinking of it incessantly. Laura does this. Many of you do this. A helpful tip from us would be to take a step back from your problem and do something else! Yes, this is correct, do something else! When you continually think about a problem, you are drawing more of what you do not want by thinking about the problem. What you are wanting to do is take your attention away from the problem for a short time. If you are needing to physically do something, go for a walk, do some physical activity that is constructive. Clean out a space you have been neglecting. Do something physical to turn your focus onto another area. When you do this, you create space for the answer to come forward in another way.

Many times when you are focused on a problem, you are only seeing one solution and you block the flow to many other solutions. When you take time to redirect your mind to another activity, this creates the flow again by taking your mind off of the problem!

The next step is actually the first step. But some of you may need to do the physical redirecting along with this process. The next step is to focus your attention on what is working in your life: Appreciation! What is working in your life? Name out loud or list on a piece of paper all of the things that are working. As you are cleaning, working out, doing laundry, talk about what is working. You can do this process in your head, but we would encourage you to speak this out loud or write down on a piece of paper what is working in your life. List as many things as you can and notice all of the abundance that is all around you.

If this is difficult, use this statement: "I am grateful for (fill in the blank) ."

“I am grateful for the clothes that I have. I am grateful for the bed that I am sleeping in. I am grateful for my refrigerator. I am grateful for the silverware, the dishes, my shoes, the clean water I have to drink.” Many times you forget all that you have to be grateful for when you have a problem.

Remember, your life is an ebb and flow. There will be "ups and downs". This is not meaning that things are not working. In fact, this is all part of the process. Each time you have a new "problem" it causes you to align and allow yourself to find your connection to your inner self, your soul, your Source, to shift perspective, to have faith and trust that all answers will be revealed in Divine timing.

When you take time to focus on all that is working in your life, this allows the flow of opportunities to align with you and your energy. In other words, this allows the answers and solutions to come forward uninhibited.

Do you know someone who would consider you and your life to be blessed? Do you know someone who would say that you have so much? Do you know someone who would say that you have more than most?

When you are struggling, many of you will focus on those who have what appears to be more than you, who have found great success, who have something you do not. We would encourage you to redirect your focus onto yourself and recognize all that you have accomplished. When you compare yourself to another, you take away your power. Your power is within. Your power is to align yourself with thoughts and feelings that do empower you, thoughts and feelings that bring you into alignment with your ability to create, your ability to find solutions, to allow solutions.

Have you ever noticed that when you had a problem and you were going about your day, all of a sudden the idea just popped into your head and you knew the answer?! This is what we are suggesting. Allow the answer to pop into your head when the timing is right. It will happen. When you let go and allow, this is how your life is meant to flow. Let the solutions and answers flow to you.

So now that you have let go of forcing a solution to reveal itself, think of all that you have in your life to be grateful for right now. Take time right now to list them off. Do not hesitate to do this exercise. This is very crucial if you are wanting to shift your energy.

Here are some examples: "I am smart. I am surrounded by so much love. I have access to Divine guidance at all times. I know the solutions will present themselves in the right timing. I know that everything always works out. I know that in time it will all be okay. I have had moments like this before and found the answer. I know that will happen again. It's okay for me to go and do something else. I am open to new ways of doing things. Trying to force a solution isn't working. So I will try to do something productive in the meantime. I have everything that I need right now. I can take it step by step, moment by moment. In the meantime, let me clean those papers off my desk and organize them. Everywhere I look there are things in my life that I am grateful for. There is so much abundance all around me. I am grateful for my eyes that see, my body that moves, my heart that beats, my ability to love deeply. I am doing my best right now. I have so much in my life that is working and in my noticing what is working, I attract more things into my life that are working."

This is just an example. We would encourage you to do this for at least 5 minutes a day. In that time period, you really shift your energy and focus and you will feel a shift.

If you are looking for a solution to a problem and continually getting the same result, try this. Try this for a few days. Each day, wake up in the morning and appreciate every little thing; the water that you are drinking; the power that is on; the power that is powering your refrigerator and your appliances; and that you have a dishwasher, if you are lucky; and that you have a spoon to stir your coffee with; and that you have coffee! These are all blessings. These are all abundant items that not everyone in the world is blessed with. Take a moment to truly appreciate all of the blessings that are bountiful in your life today. Within a few days of doing this, could be sooner, you will most likely have your answer or solution or next step to your most recent "problem". You may not have all the pieces, but the next step will present itself. Then follow that next step and do this process over and watch how things begin to flow!

With much love, Your Higher Self.

LAURA: I just wanted to add a quick note here. I remember reading something from Louise Hay (before she passed away) or hearing an interview where she talked about each morning as she was waking up and starting her day she would say out loud “Thank you” to everything. “Thank you bed. Thank you sheets. Thank you air. Thank you floor. Thank you toothbrush. Thank you stove. Thank you food…” She would acknowledge everything and be grateful for it all. That stuck with me and it’s really something we should all work to cultivate. Being grateful brings in more things to be grateful for! On that note, Thank You to You!!!


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