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Higher Self Message No 20.

November 19th, 2020

SUBJECT: Patience

LAURA: Well, hello again our Spiritual Family!!! So happy to be connecting with you today! Each week Connie and I (The Michigan Medium Angels) will channel a message for you from Your Higher Self. If you are reading this, the message is meant for you! Today’s message is really going to help you. My last message was a simple 5-minute process to help you feel better. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, check it out on my website under the blog section

This week’s message is all about patience, and I feel last week’s message and today’s message are tied together. So if you are looking for a way to feel better, both of them will be helpful. We are heading into another shutdown, and we are all going to need ways to cope and get through it. Remember, this is just temporary. Do what you can to make the best of it… and use this time to go within, rest, clean, reorganize…whatever you need to find some peace. Find healthy ways now that you can utilize when things get rough. This is why today’s message is so important. Your Higher Self wants you to know you are never alone!


Now is the time to go within. Many of you are seeing the shifts externally in the world, but are going through internal shifts as well. This is an important time for you to practice patience and love, love and patience within, and love and patience outside of you and in your external world.

First, we would like to address your external world. Many shifts are occurring at this time in your history to help with the alignment of your planet. Many of you do not understand why there is so much chaos externally. We are asking you to look at the broader picture and recognize that some are needing to be pushed into change versus wanting the change. Many you are wanting change. You may feel a deep desire to expand and grow spiritually, but not everyone recognizes this call. It takes great courage and strength to recognize the call of a spiritual awakening.

Think of your own spiritual awakening, how did this impact you and your life? Was it a slow awakening or did it occur in a quick manner? Many are needing this awakening to take place and are not moving toward this space, and are, at times, needing a push. This is not your work. Each one of you has your own work to do. Each of you is needing to focus on your own internal work, this is your spiritual purpose.

In your daily lives you may find it is difficult to incorporate the spiritual principles that you would like to possess. Let us give you an easy process to attain your spiritual mastery. Number 1, take it one step at a time. Recognize where you are today. Acknowledge your progress. Acknowledge all of the areas of your life that are working. Focus your attention on the things in your life that are in alignment with who you are. Many of you will tend to focus on what you would like to change and this creates a snowball effect. The areas that you would like to change can feel, at times, overwhelming to you, and this becomes an intense focal point.

Take a moment now to think of an area that is working in your life. What area are you excelling in? We would encourage you to take a moment to concentrate on this area and ask yourself how did you attain this mastery in this area? Was it easy? Was it work? Did you have to take many steps to get to this place/space?

Some of you may excel in one area and need more work in another area. But it is important not to become critical of yourself in the areas that you are wanting to improve on. Look at this as levels of school. When you are in school, when you first begin in first grade, you do not beat yourself up because you are not proficient in calculus. You can recognize that it can take years to learn this skill and there are many steps of math you are needing to learn to achieve the level of understanding that calculus requires. This is the same with your spiritual growth. This is the same with the areas of your life that you would like to improve on.

Some of you may need work on consistency. Others may need to work on a daily routine and habit of exercise or of eating healthy. When you come from a perspective of learning a new skill, it can take the pressure off and this is what we are asking you to do now. It is all in your perception of what is needing to be changed.

If you are wanting to find your purpose, create a list of all of the things you enjoy doing or that you excel at. Do not beat yourself up because you do not know what your "purpose" is. Your "purpose" can be many things, and also different things in your lifetime. You impact those around you in a variety of ways, and many will remain unknown to you in this lifetime.

We would encourage you to focus on the areas of your life that are working at this time. This is a time of great awakening in your world. It may not appear to be so. But today we are offering you a simple technique that you can do today to remain grounded and centered. Focus on what is working. The energy of focusing on what is working will shift your vibration and help you to see your world through different eyes.

Take a moment to acknowledge all that you have accomplished up to this moment. What is it that you would like to shift? How can you view that area of your life differently? How can you move forward in that direction with patience?

What if we told you that what you want to accomplish WILL occur? That you are destined for success in this area! What if your success was guaranteed? How would you approach this area of your life? Would you turn back and give up? Or would you proceed down that road with optimism, courage, a pep in your step? If you came across a road block, would you turn back and end your journey? Or would you perhaps find another way to continue to proceed? Maybe you would need to find another path or another road. You may have to go around a longer way to get there, but would you give up? Or would you find an alternative way through that blocked road?

Each time you journey, each time you say to the Universe "I would like X, Y and Z" this is opening and showing you a pathway to begin that journey.

We are offering you a hand by helping you along the way toward your goal, toward what it is you are wanting. We will hold your hand throughout the entire process. It is your choice to continue to go forward and it is your choice to turn around and give up. The way forward may look different at the end depending on the path that you are needing to take. But the journey is still going to lead you toward what it is you are wanting. Stay on your path. Stay on your journey. You are supported and you are loved. And we are here with you all the way. With so much love, Your Higher Self


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