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Higher Self Message No.19


November 5th, 2020

SUBJECT: 5-Minute Process To Feeling Better!

LAURA: Well, hello again our Spiritual Family!!! So happy to be connecting with you today! Each week Connie and I (The Michigan Medium Angels) will channel a message for you from Your Higher Self. If you are reading this, the message is meant for you! Lots going on this week… do you feel it?! I’m sure you do. At least we are

coming out of retrograde... whew! Things will start to move quickly now. You may feel that you’ve been in a holding pattern lately or that things have been stalled, but that’s all going to change now. You will probably start to feel more intensity and pressure to take care of things that you have been putting off or making decisions that are crucial to moving forward. The energies are still intense, but take it one step at a time. Today’s message is really going to help you. This is a new twist that I’ve never heard before! I love it when they bring me new techniques that I can use and that can help others! Make sure to keep this email somewhere safe or print this message so you can refer back to it when you need it. I’m always talking about my spiritual toolbox… and this is a new one that’s going to go in it! Remember to be kind, patient and loving toward yourself… now more than ever!

YOUR HIGHER SELF: Good morning. Today's message is about your spiritual support team. Many of you are struggling with your inner world as well as your outer world. There seems to be much chaos within both. We are wanting to bring you a message of support and of peace today, today and always, but today especially. It appears as if there is much darkness and heaviness in the world. But we are here to assure you this is not the case. It may appear that way, but there is a plethora of good. Choose to focus on the good within you and around you. This is your work today. It can seem a daunting task to feel as if you are on a train that is out of control and you are afraid you will crash. You may feel your life is out of control and you are not sure where it is headed. We would like to help you to stop this run‑away train.

Take a moment to tune into your body. Place a hand over your heart and feel the emotion within your heart center that is wanting to be heard or felt. Allow this feeling to surface. Give it a voice and give it a name. Whatever it is. Take a deep breath and imagine now that your Higher Self energy is absorbing and taking this energy right now out of your heart space. Let it go and let it be free now. Feel your heart space filling up with love from your Higher Self. Feel your Higher Self playing a song to soothe your aching heart. Feel your Higher Self's energy surrounding you with support and protection and love now. Feel your Higher Self anchor into your heart space and feel the sensation that you are safe, you are supported, you are protected. Feel the love your Higher Self has for you. You are worthy of so much love and your Higher Self is now filling your heart center with an overwhelming amount of love. Just let this happen. Just your awareness of this happening will allow it to happen.

Sit with this feeling of love filling your heart for a moment and absorb it fully now.

Take a deep breath and come back to your full body.

We are here as guides for you in each moment. There are times in your life where you may feel lost or confused about all that is happening. It is okay for you to allow yourself to feel this way. You do not need to block this from occurring. Once you have the acknowledgement, you can move to the next stage, acceptance. Accept how you feel. Now that you have accepted it, you can anchor in a new thought. Let's say you are feeling lonely, isolated, afraid. Let's say you are feeling unsure about the future. Take a moment to breathe in a feeling of safety. What does the feeling of safety feel like? Take a moment to anchor this feeling in now.

Next, take your feeling of isolation and feel what does it feel like to feel connected, that you belong? Take the opposite of what you are feeling and replace it with how you are wanting to feel. Belonging and feeling connected to others can seem difficult when you are isolated. But remembering a time when you were connected can help to facilitate this feeling within. Focus on what the feeling is that you are wanting to experience. Let that feeling of being connected to all of life fill your thoughts now.

Think of what it feels like to sit under a tree. Think of what it feels like to feel the love and laughter a pet can bring you. Think of what it feels like to be enjoying your favorite sport. Think of what it feels like to be at your favorite vacation destination. You can go to these places and situations in your mind and bring the feeling of them to you. This will increase your mood, lift you up, bring comfort and peace.

It is important to remember this feeling of being stuck and stagnant is only temporary. How can you make the best of this time right now? How can you bring more peace into your life right now? Allow yourself to accept where you are right now. It is not forever. It is not permanent. It will shift and change. But for now, fill yourself with the thoughts of a funny memory. Shake your body to the rhythm of your favorite song. Listen to the sound of the wind or the ocean waves.

Peace comes from going within and can always be found within.

Drawing from your memories, from past, present or future memories can be a fun way to tap into joy. Think of a future scenario that makes you happy. Sit in the vibration of this. Bring the thought of that future scenario happiness into your day today. Let that feeling of hopefulness, love, peace, contentment, connection, pride, worthiness, greatness, whatever feeling it is that you are wanting, let that feeling into your life today. Each time throughout your day you catch yourself falling back into a fear‑based pattern, stop yourself and think of the memory that brought you into alignment with your true nature, your true self. Become centered again and go about your day.

Whatever this feeling is that you are looking to cultivate, take time today to stay in the space of that. Once you are in alignment with the feeling you are wanting to experience, you will be able to connect with that feeling easier and easier, and it will become habit to align yourself with it throughout your day each day.

Vibrational frequency of what you are wanting is your work to stay centered and grounded. When you are feeling yourself out of alignment, there is no need to worry or be upset. It only takes a few moments to realign yourself.

As we said in the beginning, feel into your body, into your heart space: what is the feeling you are feeling? Give it a voice and let it out. Let your Higher Self take it and fill that space with love. Then think of the feeling you are wanting to cultivate and think of a time or a memory that elicits this feeling you are wishing to attain or achieve and focus on that for a few minutes. Once you are feeling better, you can go about your day. This is your 5-minute process that you can do anytime, anywhere!

We wish you joy, peace, contentment, happiness, love, connectedness, safety, freedom... whatever you are wanting, we are here to assist you in the attainment of all good things. It takes time to form a new habit. This would be an important one to integrate.

You are so loved. Go inward and let your Higher Self fill you up with love today!


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