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Higher Self Message No.18

October 22nd, 2020


LAURA: Well, hello again our Spiritual Family!!! So happy to be connecting with you today! Each week Connie and I (The Michigan Medium Angels) will channel a message for you from Your Higher Self. If you are reading this, the message is meant for you! Because of the energies right now and what’s going on in the world (and we are in retrograde until November 3rd … Yikes!!!) it’s important for you to go within and take time for yourself. Create a grounding routine or practice.

Earlier in the week I was asking what Your Higher Self wanted to talk about, and I felt that they wanted us to look back on how far we’ve come. Sometimes we are hard on ourselves and want to be somewhere further along or know where we are going next. I know I do that… more often than I like to admit! So my guides reminded me to stop, slow down, and take stock of how far I’ve come, and be present in the here and now. So just take a minute right now and reflect and say, “Wow, I’ve come a long way. Let me just take a moment and appreciate my journey.” This is not always easy because we want to DO or GO or have something to MAKE HAPPEN! And at times we can feel we are off our path if things are not going the way we think they should.

So just for today, take a minute and appreciate all you’ve been through and how far you’ve come! You deserve a break! When it’s time, things will start moving or pick back up again. But be okay with just being where you are right now. Things will always be in flux and changing. So in this present moment, take a moment to encourage yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back! You really do deserve it!


This week's message is to help you with reflection and perspective. We would like to acknowledge your true essence, your sovereignty. You are pure. You are whole. You are complete. Nothing and no one can ever change that. It is law. It is fact. During the course of your life, you will have many challenges to overcome. Each of you has a path, a journey that ultimately leads you closer to your Divinity. This is your purpose in being here.

We would like to begin today's message by expressing our love for you and your stage of spiritual growth. Each of you are in your own stage of development. Your true work is to focus on yourself. Yes, giving to others and helping others is part of your purpose as well. But in order for you to acquire deep inner peace and connectedness and tranquility, it is important for you to also work on the inside as you work on the outside.

Many of you will want to focus on your family members and friends and careers to give you a sense of purpose and meaning. And these are all important endeavors. But we are hearing your concerns for how to go forward and what's next? You have done a lot of inner work. You have grown tremendously on your journey thus far. Take a moment to look back. Truly take a moment right now to examine how far you have come along on your journey thus far. Look back a year, two years, five years, ten years.

This month is an "anniversary" awakening for Laura. Ten years ago this month she had memories of abuse resurface. Thus, leading her on an inner journey to find peace and healing within. This was a difficult and grueling process to go through. She briefly discussed and touched on this aspect of her life in her book. Which currently Connie and Laura are teaching their Spiritual Growth class on this book, "The Keys To Your Higher Self: A Guide to Healing & Inner Peace."

What we are wanting to convey by discussing this aspect of her journey is throughout these past ten years, she has used her experiences of navigating her inner journey to help not only herself, but others. Using what she learned on how to heal herself, she was and is able to use that knowledge and information to guide others to their own personal happiness and freedom through emotional healing work.

Many of you will want to ignore, hide from, pretend, go around your inner healing work. Your Higher Self understands this deflection. As your Higher Self coming to you with this message today, we want to convey that healing is a process. There is no one way to heal. Laura has used many different processes to navigate through her healing and spiritual journey, and continues to do so through today. There are times she, as well, will want to avoid or ignore her inner work. And then it catches up to her, and she is forced to look at what is needing to be healed. This doesn't need to be a painful process. You can use guided meditations to help you feel more connected, more centered, more grounded. You can imagine white light filling up your body and your aura surrounding you and bathe and absorb that light into your entire system. Many of you do this already and at times can feel it's not working or you've "already done that". Healing takes continued effort, patience, compassion and unconditional love for the self. Each piece you heal helps you to embody your true self, your Higher Self, your soul. This is your "work" in this lifetime. No other "work" is more important than this. It is imperative that you allow this process to become part of your daily routine.

For instance, waking up in the morning, take 10 minutes to be still, connect with Source energy; which can be saying a prayer for your day, calling in light to your body, filling your entire body with this loving vibrational thought. This light will give you energy, will protect you, will allow you to align to the higher vibrations you are wanting to experience in your life: abundance, joy, happiness, health, well‑being, freedom, love. Maybe you choose to say a mantra during your meditation. However you choose to set your intention for your day, be still, be at peace, this is the way to your true inner being. You may not notice the advances that are happening each day, but this will create a profound ripple effect throughout your entire life if you commit to this simple practice each day. In this space you are not wanting to solve any problems. You are wanting to just be. Just be still. Focusing on a positive thought such as love, such as filling your body with unconditional love and light will be of the most benefit to you. This is a simple practice, but it will truly shift your life in a short period of time if done regularly.

You will notice thoughts and ideas will "appear" to you without your trying to find a solution. An answer will just pop into your mind. As Laura has been channeling this message, several thoughts and ideas have come forward for her! This is one way Divine guidance can come to you. If you have questions, we have answers. We are waiting for you to connect with us, with your Higher Self, with All-That-Is, with your God Source energy. Allow yourself to take a journey inward and this shift within will soon begin to reflect outwardly in positive ways that you could not have planned otherwise.

Look back today on how far you have come in your life, how much you have overcome. True happiness is an inside job, and it requires diligence, patience, consistency. It is not a one‑and‑done type of situation. It is a practice that is needing to be cultivated step by step. We, your Higher Selves, are here to assist you always.

You can do this practice before you fully wake up in the morning and get out of bed. Let's say you are needing to wake up at 6 am. Set your alarm for two alarms, one at 5:50 and the other at 6 am. When your first alarm goes off, continue to lay there or sit up in bed and call in your Higher Self. Laying down or sitting, place your attention on bringing in white light into your body. Focus on peace, harmony, love, whatever feels good. And imagine you are being filled up with love and unconditional loving light. Then when your second alarm goes off, you will be ready to start your day with clean, vibrant energy. You will have more energy and you will be connected to source, God Source energy, and this will create a grounding effect, a stable foundation with which to create a great day!

As always, we love you. We are here for you. You are more loved than you could possibly ever know. Try this practice for a week and notice how much more energetic you feel, how much more connected you feel, centered and grounded. With much love, now and always, Your Higher Self.

The next Spiritual Growth class will be held on Wednesday, October 28th. Please share your experiences with Connie & Laura on their Facebook page Themichiganmediumangels or email them at


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