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Laura's Higher Self Message #15


August 27, 2020

SUBJECT: FORGIVENESS (3 steps to heal completely)

LAURA: Well, hello again our Spiritual Family! So this week’s Higher Self message surprised me! Connie and I decided the other day that for our next Spiritual Growth class we are going to be teaching from my book, “The Keys To: Your Higher Self {A Guide To Healing & Inner Peace}. We will be sending out an email soon so you can register. The next class will be held on Wednesday, September 9th from 7-9:30 pm. It will be an online class and we will be covering a few chapters each week, doing a meditation and also delivering messages and free readings… so make sure to sign up for it! That’s going to be a great class! Register Here:

But getting back to today, as I went to channel the message this morning, I didn’t expect Your Higher Self message to be about me and my life or my book! I mean… this is supposed to be YOUR Higher Self message lol… But as I’ve said before, the experiences I go through are so I can help others… and I’m grateful for them all. This morning I had a dream that upset me. I connected with my guides and did some healing work. Then I connected and Your Higher Self channeled this to help you. This message is longer than some of the others, but I feel it is very powerful information. If you have been trying to shift, heal, release, let go, find more peace and happiness, this blog is for you. Please make time to read it… this one will change your life. Trust me, it changed mine. These are some of the lessons that I learned going through my healing process and that I explain in my book. In today’s message Your Higher Self offers three main steps to forgiveness. You may think you’ve done all your forgiveness work… or you may not know where to even begin. The steps Your Higher Self outlines here are simple, yet profound. Do this work and you will heal! As always, if you need extra help, I do coaching and would love to help you on your healing journey.

YOUR HIGHER SELF: Good morning. Our intention is to help you in all ways. We are here as support, as helpers, as guides, to guide you in all areas of your life. We are not meant to give you all the answers. You are meant to tune into your own knowing, do your inner work, connect, feel into your intuition for what feels the best course or direction to go in at the time. It is important to remember there are no mistakes. If you move in a direction that does not get you the results you are looking for, you can always course correct.

Your inner knowing is always guiding you. There are times you may feel your inner guidance has steered you wrong. You may say, "Why did you let me go down that road?" You may blame, be angry, hold yourself apart from that connection so as not to be hurt again. But we encourage you to look at the choice again from another perspective, your Higher Self perspective: What did you gain from that "wrong road" or that perceived mistake? Truly look deeply at this past issue in order to heal and move forward.

We are bringing this to you for Laura has a situation that has brought her to this place of needing to let go and move forward and forgive. She has done much work around this subject and this particular person, but still the energy remains. She had a dream that highlighted a past relationship energy that is still causing her to feel stuck. She would like to release this completely and so we offered her this technique. We would like to offer this technique to you as well.

In those situations you find yourself needing to release a person, a situation or an area you find yourself stuck in, this is a process we would encourage you to use. It may take several times of using this process to completely shift, but each time you use it, it will move you closer to inner peace, happiness and joy. Be patient.

This is a general outline. These steps can be broken down into many subcategories. For now, we would encourage you to work with each step to the best of your ability. Take notes. Write your thoughts, feelings, memories, anything that comes to the surface, write these down. In order to release stagnant energy, it is important to be aware. Being aware is what will set you free. Many times you do not want to see the full truth of a situation. You want to ignore or block parts out. That is part of your human experience and your protective mechanism. Honor this. Do this step at your own pace. Do not rush. Take each step one at a time, at your own pace, when you are ready. You will know if you need to do each step all at one time or in stages.

Step 1: Be honest about what that relationship or situation meant to you. This is where you will ask yourself what did this situation bring you. How did this situation/person hurt you? What did you bring to this situation/person? What are your actions/responsibilities in the breakdown of this situation or person? Did you go against your inner knowing? Did you allow yourself to stay in a situation or with a person when deep down you knew it was not good for you? What did you gain? What did you lose?

Remember, this is the stage where you need to be honest. It may be difficult to look at all of the angles of how this relationship/situation impacted you. But if you are truly in search of peace and inner healing, you will take the time to do this step. Do not rush through this stage. Take it apart, piece by piece. This is where you will gain the most forward movement by acknowledging what you have gained and what you have lost.

Step 2: Be willing to forgive. Once you have acknowledged all that this person or situation has brought into your life, given to you and taken from you, if appropriate, now it is time to be willing to forgive yourself and them for the pain and suffering it or they has caused you. Again, this is another step that will require the appropriate time for you. There is no amount of time that is appropriate. It is only for you to say. This could take days, weeks, months or years. The important part of this step is that it can only be accomplished when you are truly ready to move on. There is no such thing as "fake" forgiveness. You will know if you are ready for this step or not. If you are not, trust that you will know when you are ready, and you can come back to this step at that time. The more you work with Step 1, the quicker you will find yourself able to work with Step 2.

FORGIVENESS: Many of you have heard forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for you. But what does this mean? Forgiveness, true forgiveness is being open to forgiving yourself or another to have true, deep, inner peace. Think of it as an exchange. For instance, Laura's dad abused her. By her forgiving her father, this does not excuse what he did. She did the inner work by working with Step 1 regularly. Step 1 took her much time and effort. She did not need to communicate with him in order to forgive. She did this work on her own. She connected with his Higher Self. She connected with his energy as if her father was there with her in the room. There were times she yelled out loud at him, even though he wasn't there. There were times she wrote down how much she hated him and what he had taken from her. He took her childhood. She had to make peace with that. In order for her to forgive him for what he did, she had to look at and have compassion for his own pain and suffering within. He could not be a happy person and hurt another. So for that she had compassion for his own life experience. She took time to honor her anger and her resentment and her sadness and loss. One day she arrived at the place of wanting to forgive. Once there, she was able to say to herself, "I no longer want to suffer. I want peace. I am willing to forgive you because you are sick. What you did destroyed me, broke me, devastated me. But I want happiness now. I want joy now. You took that from me all these years. I don't want you to take another day of my life. I forgive you because I deserve love, real love. I forgive you because I deserve peace. I forgive you because I didn't cause what you did to me. I forgive you because I have realized how strong I am. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know how to survive the most heinous thing another person could do to someone. You are evil. I don't want to be a part of your evil anymore. I forgive myself for my suffering. I forgive myself for letting you control and manipulate me years after. I'm not responsible for your choices and decisions. But I choose to be happy now. I choose to love myself and forgive you because no one taught you how to love. You don't know what real love is and for that I feel sorry for you. You think love is something you control, something you take. It isn't. Love is kind and patient and caring. I know love. You do not. And for that I feel sorry for you. You suffer because you don't feel love. Your love is to hurt others, to manipulate, to lie, to deceive. Real love is not those things. I know how to love, not because of you, but in spite of you. And for that I am grateful. Because you were so cruel I don't want to be anything like you. You have forced me to be the opposite of you. And for that I am grateful. I don't need your permission to love myself. I don't need you to validate I am good and deserving of love. I know it to be true. I love myself enough and I don't need anything from you. I lovingly release you and set you free, and because of that I set myself free. I have nothing to gain by holding onto hate anymore. Me hating you doesn't bring back the years you stole. It only holds me in a space of suffering. I want love. I want peace. I want happiness and joy. And I give myself that now by releasing you and letting you go. I lovingly release you, I forgive you, and I set you free."

Much of that was a sample of some of the thoughts and emotions that Laura experienced in her process of healing and forgiving her father. But this exercise is useful for all types of relationships.

Say you have a previous love relationship that you are holding onto and you are having a difficult time releasing that and letting go. Working through Step 2 will be most beneficial. Being willing to forgive them for either leaving you or hurting you or not being there for you or taking from you or deceiving you. Whatever you feel they did or didn't do, it is important to work through the process of forgiveness. Why would you forgive someone for hurting you? Because holding a space of anger, resentment, guilt, remorse, hatred, all of those lower emotions, holds you energetically in a space of un-forgiveness. They hold you hostage to that person or thing. You cannot skip this stage and receive peace, happiness or joy. This is a step you must go through if you are wanting to be free.

The next step, Step 3, is being open to letting go. As you progress through Step 2, being willing to forgive, this allows you to reach Step 3, to fully let go. In this stage you are wanting to wish this person or situation well. You are wanting to send them off to find their own redemption, their own forgiveness, their own peace. It is not your job to do their work for them. This is why it is important to let go. You do not need to worry about their Karma or how they will suffer for what they have done. Trust and know anything and everything, thoughts, actions, words, are always returned to the sender. You may never know or see that transpire. But it is a law of the Universe. Accept this fully, and this will help you to let go and move forward. You can visualize or see yourself having a discussion with this person or about this situation and talk to them as if they were in front of you. Talk through Step 1, arrive at forgiveness, and see yourself literally walk away and close the door and walk into your joy-filled future. See your future in front of you unfold with loving people, loving situations. When you allow yourself to move forward and let go, the past won't be able to hold you with its previous grip. It will feel lighter. You will feel free. You are willing to let go and not let this situation control you any longer. You are willing to allow yourself freedom, happiness, joy, true love.

These processes are truly about love. These processes are meant to fill your heart up with self-love and heal the broken pieces. It can feel as if a person or a situation has broken you at the time it happens. But if you do these steps, once you are through them, you will look back and see what gifts came with the journey. You will be able to say to yourself all that you have learned, all that you've gone through, all that you have experienced has made you a better person, has made you love deeper. It will allow you to see how you are able to love to a greater depth and have more compassion and understanding for yourself because of it.

For Laura, she is able to use her past experiences to help others heal. She has many examples in her life to draw from that have caused her pain and suffering. She is now able to use these situations and circumstances to walk with others through their journey to forgiveness and inner peace. For if she had not gone through that, she wouldn't have the understanding and ability to help others as deeply as she is able to because of her abuse. And because of her abuse, she pulled in relationships that were recreating suffering. Once she did her work and the steps, she was then able to truly heal and discover the hidden gems in all of her suffering and pain.

Each one of you has the ability to manifest your desired life. No matter what you have been through, seen, done, been a part of, been a victim of, you are never alone. There is always a path to peace, healing, love, joy, harmony, compassion, understanding, freedom. If your goal is to have any of these in your life, these steps will be the most beneficial that you ever journey through.

We are always available as guides to connect with. Laura and Connie will be teaching their next Spiritual Growth class on this exact topic. If you are looking to connect and understand your connection to inner guidance, this is the perfect opportunity to participate. Register Here:​

With much love, joy, peace, harmony, tranquility, we gift to you, your Higher Self.

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