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Laura's Higher Self Message 14


LAURA: Well, Hellooooo our Spiritual Family :) Sending you big virtual hugs! There’s been a lot going on energetically the last few weeks….whew! We’ve had a full moon and Lion’s Gate on 8/8/20. That brought up a lot of hidden emotions and really BIG stuff that needed to be brought to the surface to heal. We’re sure you felt it just like we did. So now what? Well, today’s message is perfect for moving forward. It’s pretty simple… relax! All is well! If you’re still feeling frazzled and unsettled, don’t worry! Relief is on its way. In the meantime, take some time today or in the next few days to really soak in this Higher Self message. It’s important to make time to rest and relax when the energy is so intense like this. If you over-do it, you will get burnt out and you won’t feel good. So remember, if you’re reading this message, it’s meant for you! This is YOUR Higher Self delivering a message to you! It’s short and sweet, but to the point! xoxoxoxo

YOUR HIGHER SELF: Today's message is about relaxing. We are grateful to be here to bring you another Higher Self message. We have discussed many different ways of creating and doing action in our past messages. We would like to encourage you to focus on being in the flow right now. Many of you are feeling pushed by the energies to take action. Right now there is increasing action energy taking place. But each of you is different and unique. And there's no one-size fits all. We would encourage you today to go within and ask yourself, if there was one thing that would really bring you inner peace, what would that be? And today take a small step in the direction of that goal. Once you have started to take a small step, the other steps will become clearer. But first start small, start with one small step, and then the rest of the steps will appear. Once you have the momentum, it is important for you to relax. This is the step where relaxing comes into play. You may feel a surge of wanting to do something, but there may be nothing actually to do. Give yourself a break today. Recognize all that you have done up to this point. Look at your life through the lens of Your Higher Self and see how much progress you have made up to this point! You have been "doing" a lot. It is important not to put too much pressure on yourself.

When you relax and go with the flow, it opens up more relaxing-and-going-with-the-flow energy. Do a little, relax a little. This is your mantra for the day!

How can you find some time to relax in the next few days? Maybe you just give yourself 15 minutes to sit in the sun and soak up the rays. That's all you need. Just a few minutes to rejuvenate can bring much happiness and joy. Sometimes when you think you have to make time for peace and relaxation, this can stress you out even more. And all the time you spend thinking about how to make time for relaxation is spent on stressing about how to make time to relax, which defeats the purpose!

So today, think about where in the next few days can you take 15 minutes and just relax. Each time you catch yourself worrying, remind yourself to relax. Just pausing to catch yourself in this state will help you to find more time to relax.

Remind yourself that you have connection to all-knowing information and you can tap into this any time! Taking a few minutes just to relax will help you to tune into the flow of well-being. The more you do this, the more you will recognize how easy the answers you need will flow to you. The purpose of this is to get comfortable relaxing and let things flow to you. Relax, let things flow, let things be easy. There is only well-being for you now, today and always!

Today's message is brief, for we know you are "busy". So we would like to help you by reminding you well-being doesn't need to be something that takes up a lot of time. Well-being is right now. Well-being is in this moment and we are here for you whenever you need us! We are only a thought away! Relax, let the information flow and your answer will come to you very quickly. With much love, Your Higher Self!

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