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Your Higher Self Message #12 - Enjoying Life


July 16th, 2020


LAURA: Hellooooo our Spiritual Family :) Sending you big hugs and lots of love this week! We are coming out of retrograde and going direct… finally! Which is great news because that means the things that you have been working on the past month, you will finally start to see some shifts. And these are big things too, not just little things. So take note on what is going on in your life and where you have been trying to make progress… it’s about to become a lot clearer and a lot easier! Hopefully you will feel things lightening up a little… whoa! That’s a relief, right?! So it’s no surprise your Higher Self wants to share the message with you right now to relax… lighten up… have some fun… enjoy life! I think we could all use a little more of that :) Connie and I are taking some time to regroup right now. I will be working on some creative projects like meditations, my Heart Healing book, and my new favorite abundance mantras… so I hope to have some of these things available for you sometime next month. I will keep you posted! In the meantime, enjoy this message and share with us the ways you’re taking time to ENJOY LIFE!

YOUR HIGHER SELF: Today's message is about enjoying life, enjoying the little things. We are wanting to begin today by expressing our deepest gratitude in your participation and interest in our message. This is your Higher Self and we have much to share/teach/offer you as words of wisdom. You each individually know this information and knowledge at the core of your being. But we are here to awaken that knowledge and help you sort through, sift through the contrast you see in your physical reality versus what you are wanting to manifest. Our message two weeks ago was about family conflict. We offered several perspectives to help you work through and navigate certain relationship issues within a family dynamic. There are those of you who are seeking more understanding of how to attain personal freedom, spiritual freedom, true joy and happiness. This is your ultimate goal for most of you. Your life is an ebb and flow, and it is important for you to take moments to appreciate and reflect and just be, without having to accomplish anything.

We are offering a perspective today for you to take moments in each day to allow in the beauty that is all around you. When you are experiencing upheaval in your life or you have a conflict to resolve, it can seem difficult at that time to achieve inner happiness. But it is imperative that you do this as often and regularly as possible. This will increase your happiness and joyful experiences more often. When you come from a place/space of relaxation, quiet, stillness, appreciation, this is the place you are looking to cultivate on a more regular basis to attain such a state of being. Basically put, if you want more peace, you are needing to take time to be peaceful. If you are wanting more joy, you are needing to take more time in states of joy. If you are wanting more love, you are needing to be more loving towards yourself as well as others.

Take a moment to process this statement: your world is a mirror. Your world is a reflection of your inner thoughts. If you are experiencing an outward situation, there is an aspect and part of you that is reflecting back to you something. Where in your life are things going really well? Are you a wonderful parent? Are you an excellent boss? Are you a phenomenal healer? Are you an incredible manifester? Are you an excellent student? Are you a creative genius? Are you a magnificent friend? Do you keep a clean house? Are you a great gift giver? Do you have a green thumb when it comes to gardening? What area of your life are you really good at? What area do you excel at? Once you have taken a moment to reflect on this, why do you feel you excel in this area? Does it just come naturally to you? This is the key. We would like you to recognize that all areas of your life can come naturally to you.

If there is an area you are wanting to cultivate and create more flow, think of what energy do you bring to the area that comes so easy to you. Do you just know you are good at those things? Do you go with the flow in those areas? Is it fun? Do you enjoy those activities? This is the key. Take a moment to reflect on the energy you give out in those types of situations that come naturally to you.

If you could name a feeling connected to an area that you are good at, what would that feeling be? Let's say you are a gardener, like Laura, and your garden grows the way hers does, like it's on steroids! The energy she puts into it is love. She talks to her plants. She thanks them in advance. She pours her heart and soul into it. But she also has a knowing that her garden will grow and she lets go of the outcome. She plants her seeds and talks to them as she's planting. She knows her plants will respond by growing. She loves the process of giving them love by watering and talking to them. It is easy for her. She loves it. It is fun for her! This is the energy you are wanting to put into anything and everything you are wanting to create.

Take a moment today and look around in appreciation for all the areas of your life that are working. You excel in certain areas and have talents and gifts that others may not. Laura's family has tried to grow their gardens and have a competition with Laura to see who could grow the most and produce the best outcome of vegetables.

There's no competition. Laura's garden has out-produced and out-grown everyone's! It is a known fact and everyone asks, "What are you doing to make your garden grow like that!?" She jokes with them and won't tell them her secret! Her secret is she loves her garden and she has felt for where is the right area in her yard that her vegetables will grow. She listened to where her plants wanted to be planted. She has incredible supply from her small little garden. Her family wouldn't believe her unless they saw it for themselves!

Now, how can you translate this into other areas of your life? Appreciation for what you are good at is an important step. You have many talents and gifts. Some areas you may feel you are better at than others. If it is a loving relationship you are wanting to cultivate, first start within you. Start to honor how many wonderful qualities you have. Many of you will make a list of the qualities you are wanting in another. Take time to make a list of the qualities YOU have to offer in a relationship. If there is something you are wanting to create, start asking yourself the question of why. Why do you want what you are wanting? It may seem obvious, but it is an important step in the manifestation process.

For Laura, she wanted to plant the garden for the fun and joy of it, as well as the benefit of eating the goods! She loves vegetables and the process for her is fun to watch her garden grow. Put fun into what you are wanting to create. Put joy into it. Put love into it. Water it with your positive expectations that it will grow. Use words to affirm your desire.

For instance, if you are wanting to grow a garden like Laura's, are you going to say, "My garden never grows." I don't know how to grow a garden. It probably won't work"? If you say this or have these thoughts, what do you think your garden will look like? Do you want to grow a luxurious, lush, productive garden? Of course! Then nurture it with love, loving thoughts, loving words, loving actions. This is the same thing with Laura's flowers. Her mom and sister have the same ones. All of their flowers came from the same batch. Although, just recently her mom said, "I don't know why your flowers look so much better than ours!" Laura sends loving vibration and energy to hers regularly. She appreciates them. It's been approximately a month and a half and Laura's are flourishing! The message here is to appreciate the good within you. Some of you may not consider yourself to be an outstanding gardener. You may not want to garden. If you plant a garden out of obligation, how do you think your garden will grow? If you plant your garden and do not love it and think positive thoughts and care for it, how do you think it will grow?

Now consider something you want to "grow". Do you want a better paying job? Do you want a situation to shift? Take a moment to focus your attention on "growing" this situation from a place of love. It may mean that you need to place your attention onto something else for a little while so that you can have good feeling thoughts when you think of what you want.

For instance, if you are looking for a job, and you are feeling there are no good jobs; no one is hiring; how am I going to find anything right now? The economy sucks... if you are thinking any of these thoughts, these are not going to "grow" your garden in the direction you want it to go. Put your focus on what is working. Put your attention on what qualities you bring to a new job or a new position. Focus on what you can do. Focus on "watering" your thoughts of positivity so you can be in the flow of expectation.

Perhaps the best place to start to would be to "water" your thoughts. How about "watering" your thoughts today with love, joy, peace, harmony, clarity, appreciation, happiness? You are wanting to be in a place of positive expectation if you want to manifest your desire.

Our words of wisdom would be this: if there is something you desire, your positive words of affirmations are positive thinking, positive speaking. These are your best avenue. If you want to create a job, and you have put in applications, you have talked to people, stated your intent, done all the action steps, now it is time for you to have fun! Go have fun! Go for a walk. Go clean your house if that feels like fun. Find a way to have fun today. When you have fun, you allow more positive fun vibrations to be attracted to you. When you are in a heightened state of anxiety and fear, this can repel the very thing you are wanting. So the easiest way to manifest your desires is actually to do something else and have fun! This vibration enhances the ability for your vibration to be in a match with your desire. Stated another way, let go!

If you want your garden to grow, if you stand over it and yell at it to grow, will that make it happen any quicker? You need to give it time, water, and love for it to produce a crop. You can't force it to grow. You need to give it time for the seeds to take root, for the plants or flowers to grow. You cannot rush it. It needs to grow at its own pace. While your garden is growing, it is important for you to do other things. If you don't do anything else, it won't help your garden grow any faster. So take time to have fun while you're waiting for your "garden" to grow!

This is the message from your Higher Self today: have fun! Take time today or in the next few weeks to let go and have some fun! You deserve it! Life is an ebb and flow. It is important to take time out to laugh, play, experience the joys of life! There are many. Even sitting outside and listening to the birds chirping is food for your soul. Spending time to nurture yourself is how you make your "garden" grow.

We are always here for you. We love you. With much love, Your Higher Self and Abraham.

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