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Your Higher Self Message #10 (Day 58 - C&L Good News)

HIGHER SELF MESSAGE #10 (Video included) June 18th, 2020

SUBJECT: Well-Being

LAURA: Hellloooo my Spiritual Family!!! Hope you are enjoying some newfound freedoms now that some of the quarantine restrictions are slowly being lifted. Connie and I have been recording almost daily for you throughout the quarantine, but we are going to be coming up with some new programs and possible workshops for the fall! We will keep you posted on that. But now that summer's here, it's time for all of us to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. Each week, Connie and I take turns channeling a message for you from Your Higher Self. Today's message is all about well-being and how to find your natural well-being state no matter what!

LAURA: Sometimes our guides will use humor to communicate a message and to lighten things up. Today's message started out with a funny response! I was saying to my guides that I need to channel a message for this week, and this was the response I heard... "Do you think I'm just a button you turn on?!" Hahahaha... maybe it was funnier in my head! So I said back to my guides, "That was funny!"

YOUR HIGHER SELF: "Well, actually you are correct, this is what many of you do. Many of you turn on the connection and turn off the connection depending on your circumstances. Today's message is connected to your well-being. What does well-being look like? We would recognize this as being in the flow, per se. How many of you are in the flow? Where things are pretty good most of the time? Where you are content, fulfilled, joyous, feeling a sense of freedom and self-worth and value? Where you feel your basic needs are met consistently, as well as your emotional, physical and connection with others needs are met as well? Do you feel this? Do you feel in any moment the ground could fall out from underneath you? This is where Laura used to live. She lived in fear consistently most of her youth. When you are living in a state of heightened sensitivity, this can create an underlying feeling of anxiety, fear, sense of imminent trouble just around the corner. Not all of you will have come from a background of abuse. Many of you who have had happy childhoods continue to have a sense of anxiety, or an underlying feeling of worry, doubt, panic or fear regularly. It is not necessary for today's lesson to pinpoint the exact issue or situation in which this fear or panic state began or the main source of the issue. What is relevant is the knowledge and understanding that you are having this type of feeling regularly and how to dismantle it, how to disarm it so it is not running your life in the background, programming you, directing your thoughts and feelings toward more panic, worry, doubt, fear.

We are wanting to take a moment and explain your emotions are all valuable. Each emotion you experience has immense importance. Do not discount or dismiss your emotions. For instance, some of you may have watched the video Laura posted for Day 56 on the daily videos where she discusses her dad recently having a stroke. Briefly, she has been estranged from her dad for 10 years due to her repressed memories of abuse resurfacing. When they resurfaced, she had to take much time to sort through, sift through the emotions that had been buried. During the actual abuse, because of her young age, she was unable to process the emotions associated with what was occurring. And when they resurfaced, it was very much like being set on fire emotionally. There are those who in the same circumstances would have given in to drugs, alcohol, avoidance, or other self-sabotaging behaviors. Laura chose to deal with it head on, face it, work through each experience as it surfaced and heal it at its core. This type of work takes diligence, hard work and determination. It is not a quick, one-time experience. It is a work in progress, as she stated in the video. The process for her took several years, all the while working, raising her children, creating her spiritually based business.

She is currently contemplating creating an on-line course to help those of you who have suffered abuse and outline the process she used to heal. We are encouraging her to do so! In the meantime, we are wanting to express how she has come to a place of well-being for many years now. As we described above, well-being is a sense of all is well, you are not living in a place of fear, you are living from a sense of inner peace, inner contentment, regardless of what is going on around you. There may be moments of trouble, per se, upset, loss, sadness, arguments with a loved one, whatever the issue may be, but overall your sense of feeling safe and connected to love is your guiding force, your ruling factor in life. Is this where you are? If it is, we would continue to guide you in the direction of your inner knowing and connecting to that source of inspiration, wisdom and guidance. If you are in need of this type of well-being space more in your life, we are encouraging you to continue reading on.

Most of you will not wake up one day and say, "Oh, I am perfectly safe and feeling whole, peaceful, calm," and feel that way forever. Most of you will have moments of this in your life. That is not to say this cannot happen, for it can if you so choose. But the overall method of achieving your way to well-being is a gradual incline fueled by a want or a desire for a certain outcome. For instance, Laura wanted peace. So each day she based her life experiences by measuring each situation from this want and desired outcome. She would say, "Is this bringing me closer to or away from inner peace? Is this going to bring me more peace?" She would honor her needs regularly, which is something she had not done, nor been taught as a child. Her needs were always put on the back burner, per se, almost nonexistent. So becoming in line or becoming in alignment with her own needs took some adjustment. It was not a comfortable nor familiar process, so it took a gradual incline of learning to achieve.

In our last message to you we were asking you, "What do you want want?" This is a continuation or follow-up from that segment. When you can identify an outcome, you can then adjust your every thought, action, and intentional movement toward that desire. For instance, do you want more money? Direct your thoughts toward more money. Do you want more love? Direct more thoughts and feelings toward love. Do you want more happiness, joy, excitement? Direct your thoughts and feelings and action toward that desire.

Take a moment now to think of something you are wanting. It could be a small object, it could be a boat or a new house, or it could be a trip or a new job. Perhaps you want a new car. Perhaps you want to incorporate more of a feeling into your life such as joy, happiness, contentment, this would be a great place to start as well. Take a moment to reflect on something you would like to bring into your experience.

Do this step! Do not skip it!

Now, write it down.

Now that you have your object or item or feeling, take a moment to close your eyes and visualize you have a magnet that is as big as you, right in front of you. Imagine that you are setting the magnet to the frequency of your desire. So, for instance, imagine your magnet has a dial on it and you can tune into the frequency of your desire, whatever it is. Say it is more love, imagine you are setting your magnet to the frequency of love. Your magnet has the ability to be set to any frequency of your desire! Use your imagination for this part.

Now that your magnet is set to your desire, imagine that it is only attracting what it is you have set your magnet desire for. As you are closing your eyes doing this, imagine the object of your desire is being drawn from wherever it is in the world to you! If it is a boat, visualize this boat being drawn to you through this powerful energetic magnet. Because you have set the dial on this magnet, it has to come to you. It will be drawn to you! You have tuned into the frequency of this boat and this boat is being pulled toward you. Using your imagination of the exact boat you are wanting would be most beneficial. Making sure you are in tune with a motor boat, not a rowboat will be helpful!

If it is more money you are wanting to create, imagine your magnet dial is set to more money! Tune the dial on the magnet and set it now to more money! Perhaps on your dial there is a number you can set that you are wanting, do that! Be creative! Have fun! As long as it is feeling good to you, this is the key. This process should feel good! It should give you a sense of hope and freedom.

Now that you have your magnet set to your desired amount, close your eyes and see your magnet drawing this money to you. Notice if you catch yourself feeling any feelings of resistance. As Laura was doing this, she felt a sense of taking from others and caught herself and recalibrated where her money was coming from. She had her money coming from the Heavens. That made her feel good so as not to be taking money from others. This is an important step and part of the process. Money falling from Heaven feels good to her as there is an endless supply.

Say you are wanting more well-being in your life, this is where you are now going to calibrate your dial on your magnet today. Set your dial now to well-being. Do this in the beginning of your day each day. You each have this magnetic ability built in. You are each a vibrational magnet that is only needing to be tuned into the vibration you are wanting. Our message to you today is to pay attention to the object of your desire being your guiding force. If your guiding force is based in love for yourself and others, the desired outcome will be drawn to you. If you are closed down, if you are feeling unworthy, fearful, lonely, these are the energetic waves your magnet is sending out to the Universe. You are needing to change that frequency! So going throughout your day, tune yourself in each moment you are feeling out of alignment with your wanting. Make this a regular, daily practice and you will quickly see the desired results manifesting in your life in all ways.

To create well-being, set your dial, your magnet to feel, see, think, be well-being. It is important to recognize no matter what is going on around you, no matter who is in your experience, you are capable of setting your magnet, your frequency to well-being. See this as a good form of practice. This person or situation is causing you to recalibrate regularly, which is helping you to fine tune this skill! Remember, each person in your life, each situation in your life is helping you to shift, to grow, to learn more of who you are. You are really learning how powerful you are. Manifesting your desires is only a matter of you fine-tuning into that desire regularly, consistently.

Our mantra to Laura soon into our connection with her was, "You are safe, and you are loved, and we will guide you," and she repeated this regularly to help her find her natural state to well-being. Since this was not something she was familiar with, she had to recalibrate herself regularly and daily to this vibration. Her desire was strong. She intended to be at peace. It was a process, but she most definitely reached this goal.

Find your goal. Stick with your goal. Tune into your goal. And you will find your own inner well-being, your own inner peace, your own inner happiness and this is your true guiding force, your inner power, your inner magnetic force of power. You are the master of your vibrational frequency. Tune your dial into what it is you are wanting today and watch as your magnet draws to you what it is you are wanting.

There may be situations in your life that come forward, such as in Laura's case with her dad, that may throw you for a loop, per se. But again, this is only to bring clarity, understanding, learning of yourself, and help you release any chains that bind you to fear, lack, bondage. Laura's word now is "freedom". She has claimed freedom. What is your word? What would you like to incorporate into your life today?

If it helps, think of it this way: this magnet is very powerful and very strong, but you can hold it. It is easy and light for you to hold, but the power it has is enormous! Wherever you direct your magnet is what will be drawn to it. So think very carefully as you are thinking throughout your day what you are magnetizing to you. What are you magnetizing to you? If your focus is on fear, what are you bringing in today? If your focus is on lack, what are you bringing in today? If your focus is on prosperity, abundance, joy, well-being, this is more of what you will be bringing in today. Again, you may need to fine tune this repeatedly to the vibrations you are wanting. Take notice of what your vibration is attracting.

We have left you with much to contemplate. We will back in two weeks for more. With much love, Your Higher Self!

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