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YOUR Higher Self Message #9 (from Laura)


June 4th, 2020 (Channeled 6/2/20)

SUBJECT: What Do You Want?

LAURA: Well, Helloooo my Spiritual Family!!! Hope you are enjoying the summer weather we are having in Michigan and around the country. Now that we are in June and some of the restrictions from COVID-19 are lifting, many things are going to begin moving again. There will be more activity and movement happening energetically. We have a full moon tomorrow and this one is intense… so remember to hold your intention on what you want! This is exactly why this message from YOUR Higher Self is titled “What Do YOU Want?” Really take time to absorb these messages weekly. They will help you to realign and shift your vibration toward feeling better and bringing more happiness and peace into your life! Enjoy your day today … sending you Virtual Hugs!!!


Today's Higher Self message is: "What do you want?" Today's question is, "What do you want?" Take a moment to ask yourself right now what it is that you are wanting? Are you wanting more joy, abundance, prosperity, happiness, peace, love, money, wealth, freedom? Do you want a new home? Do you want a new relationship? Do you want more friends? Do you want more connection with like-minded individuals? Do you want a new job? Do you want to find your life purpose or passion in life? It is important for you to take time to ask yourself what it is you are wanting. Right now there is a lot of upheaval in your world. We have discussed this previously, how everything that manifests in your world is always for the greater good. That can seem difficult to understand and imagine. That is part of your path's purpose, is to find self-awareness, inner peace through turmoil, confusion, chaos. How do you go about doing that, you ask? "How can I be calm when there is chaos going on in the world? How can I create my desire when there is so much uncertainty and fear in the world?" We would say to you this is the perfect opportunity to take time to ask yourself what it is you want. Where do you want a change in your life? It may seem like we are repeating the same message over and over, but many times it is through repetitions that you will hear what it is you are needing to hear. So we will offer our perspective to you in many different ways. So take a moment to ask yourself where it is you are wanting change in your life. What do you want?

Back in 2010 Laura asked this question of herself and this led to her spiritual awakening. It led to many life-changing and life-altering events. Now you know it was so that she could lead and teach and help others, but at the time she did not understand what was happening. When you are going through chaos, you are not always able to see clearly through what is the purpose. It is usually after the dust has settled, per se, that the meaning/message becomes clearer.

We are offering to you the perspective that when something isn't working in your life, this is the perfect opportunity for change. This is the time to declare what it is you do want, to shift and change your focus. Do you want more freedom? Use a declaration or mantra such as "I am free!" and repeat that at least 100 times a day. You can say this out loud or in your head. You can say it in the car as you are driving. You can say it in the shower. You can think it. But also use your feelings when you are saying this phrase. You want to use your emotional vibration to enhance your attraction manifestation abilities. In other words, feeling freedom as you are saying "I am free" will help to attract situations or experiences into your life that will show you or give you freedom. You can also use a simple phrase such as "I am so happy" and this will evoke the same result. If you are looking to attract a relationship, use a simple phrase such as "I am in a loving, happy, committed relationship". Take time to figure out what it is that you want. When you know what you want, you can then shift your vibration into the direction of that wanting.

If you are having experiences showing up in your life that you are not wanting, take time to analyze them. Break it down. Ask yourself what is not working? Is it a relationship that is not working? What is it specifically about the relationship that is not working? Get as clear and specific as you can and switch your focus. For instance, say you are in an abusive relationship and you are very unhappy. You feel you do not have any control over the situation. This is where you are needing to go within and shift your perspective. The first step is recognizing that you are the vibration. You may be afraid to leave. This is where fear is controlling you. Sit and ask yourself, what is my next step? Allow the answer to come into your mind. Trust this is your next step. You must then follow through with this. Your intuition will guide you. It will tell you what you need to know, always. You don't need to have the full picture. You only need the next step. Continue to do this for the next few days, while making sure you are following through on the guidance you are receiving. Your guidance will always be loving. You may need to go for a walk to clear your mind. You may need to make an appointment with a counselor. You may need to contact a relative for help. As you practice this process, it will become easier and easier to hear and follow this guidance.

The next part will be to shift your awareness and focus on what it is you are wanting. Using this scenario of an abusive relationship, this situation did not just occur overnight. This has been an accumulative effect, and it may take some time to unravel. Your focus would be on your final outcome. Again, what do you want? Do you want your own place? Are you concerned about the money and are fearful because of this? Whatever the situation, change the energetic vibration to match what you want. Let us repeat that! Whatever the situation, change your inner thought vibration, feeling vibration to match what you want.

For instance, say you are wanting your own space, visualize this, feel this. Feel yourself, visualize yourself in your own space. Even if you don't know where you will go, continue to focus on feeling calm, peaceful, content and include the imagery of a space that feels good to you. You may want to picture yourself on the beach. You may visualize the sun shining down on you while you are in a hammock, resting. If it is more money you are looking to attract, close your eyes and imagine you are receiving checks in the mail. See yourself opening up the mailbox and you have so many checks! They are from many different people and places. Get excited about this process. Your excitement will bring forward physical manifestations!

This is why you are needing to be aware of your thoughts and feelings. It is both. You do not need to be afraid of this process. This is an exciting process because this is your magic wand, per se. This is your paint brush. You think a thought and feel a feeling, and that is then displayed onto the canvas, your world. When you become clear about what you want, you can then change the vibration to match your wanting. Start with something simple.

Say you want to manifest a dollar. Sit with the feeling of this and imagine someone hands you a dollar. What does it feel like? Where are you? What are you going to spend your dollar on? Maybe you are going to save it. Does that amount seem too small? Maybe you want to manifest $10. So imagine someone hands you $10. What does that feel like? What are you going to spend it on? Does it make you happy? You are looking to get into the vibration of feeling happy about what you are wanting. Maybe receiving $100 gets you more excited and feels doable. Start with that! Do this exercise and visualization for the next few days and even for a week. Pay attention to how this dollar or amount of money (possibly more!) shows up for you. Make sure to record this, make sure to be aware of how this extra money shows up in your experience!

This simple technique works with big things too. You are only needing to believe in it and practice with it to see it working consistently for you. Say you want to pay off a credit card. Practice the same process. Close your eyes, see yourself writing a check to pay off the credit card. See the balance on the credit card going down. Visualize yourself jumping up and down! See (imagine) yourself being happy that you have accomplished this! Maybe you start paying this down with your extra $10 you manifested this week! Manifesting $10 may seem really easy and simple. That is a perfect place to start because you will have no resistance to manifesting this amount. Take this week to focus on receiving $10. Someone hands you $10 or you receive an extra $10 as a refund. Most of you will be receiving refunds through your auto insurance within the next few months. That is a perfect example of how this is possible! Start shifting and changing the vibration of how you feel about receiving money.

Many of you are blocking the flow of receiving money because your focus is on the lack and fears surrounding not having enough. Change your focus to seeing yourself having more than enough, so much! Visualize yourself feeling good with abundance, with a loving relationship, with a fulfilling career, with helping others, receiving gifts! The list is endless. Your only job is to feel good! But for many of you this is not an easy feeling. You are conditioned to feeling unhappy, unfulfilled. Spend time feeling fulfilled. Remember a time you were fulfilled. And realize it is not because of another person that you are unfulfilled. It is not because of a situation. It may seem that way, but you have been part of the creation of this situation. So create a new situation, scenario, circumstance. You are the creator of your reality. You set the tone and the vibration. Change your vibration, change your tone, change your thoughts, change your reality.

Our advice to you is practice, practice, practice. Daily practice. Most of you have been conditioned to just accept your reality. We are offering the perspective to you, change your reality! Change your reality with your thoughts and with your feelings and you will begin to see your manifestations turn into reality! With much love YOUR Higher Self!

LAURA: If you’re looking for more inspiration, go to my website and check out the other Higher Self Messages from my blog section at

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