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Laura's Higher Self Message 8


May 21, 2020 (Channeled 5/20/20)


LAURA: Helloooo my Spiritual Family!!! I hope this message finds you well. I am still doing readings and coaching online. Connie and I are teaching a Spiritual Growth class every other Wednesday. We are hosting reading parties and workshops too. So things have been busy!!! But lately, I have been feeling an overwhelming need to channel my Heart Healing meditations. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback and confirmation on how my meditations have been helping people. There are times during a reading or coaching session, I will feel guided to channel a meditation specific for my client from their guides. At times I will record it so they can have it to listen to later. Channeling meditations for myself has been so helpful during some of my most difficult times. This is why I want to share them with you! So right now I am going to take some time to work on this … and I am so excited! It may take another month or so to finish, but I will let you know when it’s ready for purchase. Thank you for being patient. Hope you enjoy this week’s message from your Higher Self! Sending you lots and lots of air hugs and love!!!

YOUR HIGHER SELF: Good morning! We are happy to be here with you again this week. We are your Higher Selves here to bring you a message. We want to thank you for taking the time to tune into our messages. Each week's message has a vibration, and even as you read the vibration, this helps to raise your awareness of self and of the world around you. Many of you are experiencing struggle or fear or boredom or overwhelm. There are many of you that are taking time to enjoy this opportunity to be with your families. For some of you, the family issues are being exacerbated. We would like to speak with you today about joy. Wherein can you find joy in your life? Right now may be too much to even contemplate the thought of having joy. For some of you have come to the realization the way things have been before this pandemic can no longer go forward after this new normal has been created. There is a before and after sense with many of you. Before . . . After . . . How are you wanting your "after" to look like?

Laura has been taking much time to evaluate and contemplate things in her life. She is making time for herself as well as for her clients, but she is finding much more of a balance. She has been taking this opportunity to read, to tune into her inner knowing, to connect, to communicate with us, to work through residual emotional issues from the past. She has used this "slow down" to go within and to face any fear and work through and heal and overcome it. This is our recommendation to you as well. Being in a place of joy and happiness does not just come to you naturally unless you cultivate it. You are needing to cultivate your own joy and happiness. If you are waiting for another to bring you joy and happiness, you will be disappointed. It will only be temporary or short-term. The true joy and happiness you are in search of comes from within. It comes from your own sense of self-worth and value and knowing your deservingness.

We would ask you to stop and contemplate right now what is it that you are in search of. Can you come up with one word that describes what it is you're looking for? Is it peace? Is it harmony? Is it space? Is it the feeling of home? Is it truth? Is it freedom? Is it abundance? Is it creative expression? Is it well-being? Is it love? What is the feeling you are looking to feel in your life? Be honest with yourself here. Take a few moments to tune into what it really is you're looking for.

Once you have identified the feeling you are in search of, now you can truly cultivate this feeling going forward. What you are wanting may change in the next month or few months or next year. But right now, make this your top priority. This feeling is very important for your joy and happiness.

Let's start with peace. If you are looking to incorporate more peace into your life, spend a few moments when you first wake up to notice the way your body feels. Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel tight, nervous, tense? Do you feel fear? Do you feel frustration? Do you feel a sense of unease or anxiety? Noticing how you are waking up is very important because it will be the basis of the vibration you are giving off for your day. You are wanting to cultivate this peaceful feeling throughout your day, so it is important that you begin your day setting the intention of peace (or whatever emotion you are wanting to experience). No matter what your situation in your home, in work life, in your world, you can choose to incorporate a higher vibration feeling or thought into your daily life. But we are saying to you it takes continued effort and work on your part.

Some of you may think, ”My life is falling apart; my marriage is not working; I no longer have a job; the world is a mess; how can I possibly have peace or love or joy or happiness right now?” These emotions do not just happen long-term without work. They require work. Happiness is a choice. Joy is a choice and you can choose it any time. When you cultivate these feelings regularly, you will naturally start to incorporate them into your life more and more. If peace is truly what you are wanting, make it your top priority.

Laura spent a year cultivating peace into her life. It was not easy. It was during the most traumatic and chaotic time in her life. She wanted peace. So each decision, thought, action she chose was geared toward peace as often as she could. Changing your thought process will require effort on your part and some discipline. But if it is important enough to you, you will do it.

Again, take a moment to contemplate what emotion you are wanting to cultivate in your life right now. Take a deep breath. Feel yourself breathe in that feeling. Feel what that feeling feels like in your body. See your heart smiling. Feel your body relax. Imagine a situation that makes you incredibly happy. Use that visual, that feeling, and bring that into your day today. There may be moments that throw you off track, but do your best to bring yourself back to that feeling you are working on cultivating.

This will be like creating a new habit. If you like the way things are going, you can always increase your happiness. But if you are not liking the way things are going, take time to change your thought habits.

Going back to waking up in the morning, once you are aware of what your body is telling you, use the visual you created of a happy heart, of a smiling heart, of seeing yourself dancing, of feeling yourself in love, of feeling joy and happiness in whatever form that is for you, and let your body feel those feelings first thing in the morning. Breathe into the peace, the calm, the joy, the love, the freedom. What you may be living may be far from this feeling, but this is how you shift your energy and the energy around you. If those feelings are too far away or too difficult of a concept right now, find a thought that does make you happy and use that to shift your day. You are wanting to carry this feeling with you throughout your day.

Make a mental note right now of your happiness/joy visual or feeling. And tomorrow morning when you wake up, allow yourself a few minutes to tune into that happiness/joy vibration. Let yourself smile. Let yourself feel good. Let yourself experience these emotions first thing each morning for three to five minutes. That's all it takes. Then you can get up, go about your day. Do this for a week and see if you notice any shifts in how you feel and what is happening around you. The incentive to doing this regularly is that the more you vibrate in a state of joy, peace, love, harmony, happiness, this is what you will attract into your life . . . more and more of that! And that's what you want! So spend just a few minutes in the morning each day to do this and start your day off with that vibration.

Ultimately, each of you will experience a moment or a situation throughout your day that may throw you off from this feeling. When this happens, take a few moments to get yourself back into alignment. Put on some music, listen to nature, go for a walk, breathe, do whatever is necessary to get yourself back into the feeling state you are looking to attain. As you do this exercise, this will create the shifts you are looking for. This will help you bring in and align with the feelings you are wanting more of.

Peace, harmony, joy, love, happiness, all of these emotions are attainable. Your mind may try to talk you out of how this is possible, but are you going to "listen"? Or are you going to align with the feelings you want?

Your mind is the one you are working to control, not the other way around. You are wanting to take control of your thoughts and use your emotions to focus your mind. Start with this small exercise each day and continue to realign throughout your day and you will see, and feel, a difference within a very short amount of time!

All our love, peace, happiness, joy, contentment being sent your way, now and always… All of our love, your Higher Self!

LAURA: Something I feel guided to share here is that once you get into the habit of doing this in the morning, also do this at night right before you fall asleep. Or do it at night and in the morning. That’s what I did. Allowing yourself to feel the good emotions you want, getting happy, feeling good before you go to sleep, that will help you to sleep good and elicit good dreams too! Then you will wake up feeling good. Try it! Let me know what works for you :)

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