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Laura's Higher Self Message 7


May 7th, 2020 (Channeled 5/5/20)


LAURA: Helloooo my Spiritual Family!!! So much is going on right now… I truly hope this message is finding you well. Every week Connie and I are trying to bring you uplifting stories to share in our videos each day, and also bring you a channeled message from your Higher Self each week. With this pandemic, so many people are struggling and finding it more and more difficult each day. Please know that we are here to support you! This channeled message was a bit of a surprise to me. Each time I channel, I don’t know where YOUR Higher Self is going to take me. But this week’s message is about LOVE :) But specifically about our connection to our soul, our Higher Self, our loved ones and God/Source. I hope this week’s message brings you some comfort and peace. Sending you all my Love… to you and your families!

ABRAHAM: Good morning! Love is everywhere: this is our theme today. We are wanting to remind you that love is all around you. We are wanting you to know that you are not alone. Your Higher Self is with you always. When we are saying "we", we are referring to your Higher Self, your angels and guides. Your connection to your Higher Self is absolute. We, your Higher Selves, come to you today to remind you that you are never alone and that love is always surrounding you.

There has been much to the contrary that you've been witnessing in your world the past few months that would appear to be less than love. We would offer a shift in perspective. Think of a situation in your past when you have been struggling. It may have been recent or it may have been years ago. When you were in the midst of the difficulty, the struggle, could you see all of the reasons why you were going through that situation? Could you, in your time of crisis understand why what was occurring was occurring? Most of you will be able to see clearer once some time has passed. Thinking of your particular situation from the past, can you see now, afterward, how what you experienced was of benefit? Can you see now, years later, what you could not see at the time of your crisis? This is the shift in perspective we are offering.

We would encourage you to rise above this situation with the higher knowledge of your Higher Self, that all the reasons for this current situation are not able to be seen at this time. There are times when subtle change is necessary and there are times when complete restructuring is required. This is the complete restructuring time.

In our previous messages we offered you the shift in perspective from fear to love. We also offered you the perspective of hope. This message is to offer you more clearly a message of love and an understanding that love is all around you, always.

There are times you will feel afraid, scared, lost, worried... these are common emotions that you will experience from time to time. Our perspective is to allow yourself space to feel those feelings, but to know they will pass and these feelings won't stay forever, as well as the current situation will not stay forever. This situation too shall pass. In time you will see how many shifts from this situation have forced your world to look at new ways of "doing business". This current pandemic is forcing many of you to take stock in your lives of what truly matters to you, who truly matters to you. This "forced lockdown" is causing many of you to recognize where in your lives does there need to be change. Many of you resist change. Many of you stay stuck in situations that are not bringing you joy or happiness. This could be a job, this could be a relationship, this could be an addiction, this could be a thought process. Whatever your current situation at this time, take notice of where you are wanting to go.

As your Higher Self and in your connection with us, many times we tend to offer questions to elicit and provoke thought from you. We like you to formulate your own responses, your own thoughts. We are merely here to advise and to guide. We do not intend to give you the answers. We intend to guide you toward your inner knowing. When you find yourself stuck in a situation that is not to your liking, your connection to us is beneficial in that we can guide you subsequently through it. There are times, such as now, this situation is offering up change that may not feel so gentle. But change is a necessary part of life. And for some of you, those who have been resisting, you may find yourselves in new territory. You may see things in your daily life that you are not happy about. Perhaps your marriage is not in the place you are wanting it to be. Perhaps your job has ended. Perhaps you are faced with a financial crisis. Perhaps you are wondering how you will make it through this. Perhaps you are working on the "front lines" in the medical/health care field or a support person during this time. We are offering the knowledge and understanding that no matter what appears to be, there is good surfacing. If you do not take the time to question, to evaluate, to look at your life, you may never make the changes necessary to create what will truly make you happy.

There are those of you who have lost loved ones, and we are offering our love and support to you. We are wanting you to know that your loved ones are safe, and you will always have the ability to communicate with them. They are truly only a thought away.

When you think of a loved one who has passed, what do you think they would want for you? They would want your genuine happiness above all else, always. When your loved ones pass from this life to the etheric realm, they are given full knowledge, full understanding of what you in your human form cannot see and cannot understand. Your lives in physical form are a gift, as well as your connection with your loved ones who are in the nonphysical; you are still connected. You are never separated from them. It is just your interaction with them in the physical world has changed. You may not be able to "hear" their words with your ears; you may not be able to "see" them with your physical eyes; you may not be able to "feel" their touch; but they will be, and they are, near you, next to you, only a thought away, always. The "bridge" to our world and your deceased loved ones is only a thought away. This is why we encourage you to spend time listening to your thoughts. Your Higher Self, your loved ones, your guides and angels, in other words, your team, we communicate with you through thought. There are other forms of communication with us, but a majority will be given to you through thought, telepathically. We are wanting you to understand the connection with us is absolute.

Our love for you is always. It is constant. It is forever.

We are wanting to impart our knowledge and wisdom of your connection to love. Love is all around you, in everything you do and everywhere you look, and in each person you come in contact with. In every item you hold. In all of you.

In a situation such as this pandemic, it may be difficult to see the love in this, for you cannot see from our perspective all the pieces that are involved. You are only seeing a fraction of the puzzle. We are able to see the full picture. You see chaos. We see restructure, reorganization. You see devastation. We see adjustment, creation. You see death. We see rebirth, new form.

We are understanding for some of you this perspective may be confusing, challenging even. If you have a true desire and want to understand, the information and knowledge will come forward to give you a clearer understanding of this truth. We are not asking you to take our word for it. We are asking you to go within, do the research required to understand your connection with your Higher Self, with your loved ones, with your guides. You can choose whatever that connection is to be. We are simply offering you have the connection. We are simply offering, we are always here for you. We are simply offering there is love in everything, always, all around you, each day, no matter what appears in your outside world. Love is the number one constant you can always count on. Our love for you will always be. You can never be separated from this. Take a moment now to feel this connection with us. Close your eyes and feel our immense love for you. Just a few moments, soak up this loving feeling. [Pause]

Now that you have allowed yourself to feel our love for you, take this with you throughout your day. Take this loving feeling and allow your Higher Self to flow this love through you and fill you up completely. Continue to come back to this feeling multiple times throughout your day. You will notice more peace, more calm. And this will give you the energy required to do whatever is necessary for your own happiness. When you take time to fill yourself up, you then exude and overflow with enough to share.

Our love is constant. Our love is unconditional. Our love IS, always, will always be, will always exist, and you will always be a part of it. Allow this unconditional love to flow into your heart and mind and soul today. And feel its wisdom and guidance filling up your mind with the answers and direction you need. Love will always guide the way. Let love guide you today. All our love, your Higher Self!

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