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Higher Self Message 4

HIGHER SELF MESSAGE BLOG #4 (Peaceful Meditation Included!)

March 26, 2020

LAURA: Helloooo my Spiritual Family! Now that we are officially quarantined, I hope this message finds you and your family well. I know this has been a difficult time for sooo many, including myself, as I have not been feeling well. But I am taking steps to make sure I am taking really good care of myself through this! I have had to go into my “toolbox” many times in the past few weeks to calm myself down and not let the fear take over. My guides have had to remind me of this truth regularly: “You have a choice, choose wisely!” They were talking about my thoughts. And that has brought me back to the basic and fundamental principle of freedom. We each get to choose our thoughts, and we are always free to choose the ones we want. We can allow our fears to take away our peace or we can intentionally find ways to focus on things that bring us peace. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of your “toolbox” this week! Together with my guides and your Higher Self, we have channeled a message and a meditation so you are getting extra help this week! Feel free to listen to this meditation when you need some grounding, centering and peace throughout the next few weeks and months.


You are safe and you are loved and we will guide you... you are safe and you are loved and we will guide you... this was one of the first messages Laura received from us that she was able to hear clearly. For her, it was because it was being repeated and it was at a time of great need. We are wanting to express our appreciation for your want to connect with us, your Higher Self. We have much to share, so let's begin.

At this time your world seems to be in much chaos. We would ask you to remember to breathe, all is well. What appears to be chaos is creating new. Any time there is disassembling of a structure it can seem chaotic. And this is a time of creation, releasing the old, what no longer serves you, to have something new created. During this time of "chaos", it is imperative for you to truly connect to your inner knowing. The way to your inner knowing is through relaxation and meditation and calm.

Question: How do you find calm in a time of such stress you ask?

Answer: Making your well‑being a priority.

Peace comes from within. Doing the work to attain peace will become easier and easier the more you make it a priority. Do you want peace? How often are you taking breaks to create this for yourself throughout your day? Or is your mind going to worry‑worry, fear‑fear, over and over on a loop. Trust and know a way forward will present itself in perfect timing if there are steps you are needing to take, action steps. But for now, while there is down time, relax. Enjoy this down time. This is a time of reflection. What is working for you? What is not? What would you like more of? Where are things needing to shift in your life, small picture, big picture. Just taking stock during this time of where you are is helpful.

This is also an opportunity to tune into your ability to trust. Are you trusting that you are taken care of? We are asking you to trust. Your Higher Self is right next to you, with you, surrounding you, supporting you with love and comfort. Take a moment and breathe right now. You are safe and you are loved and we are guiding you. Ask for our help and we will bring you signs and show you what, if any, are your next steps. This is a time to put into practice your faith and belief in your ability to connect. Laura and Connie will be teaching a virtual class on connecting and this is a perfect opportunity to learn how to find more balance, grounding, centering and stability.

Your world is going through many shifts, as are each of you individually. Let this be a time for your own spiritual awareness to shine. Ask for our help! We are listening. We hear you. Look for any joy, any space in your life that you can to find peace: for instance, hearing the birds singing outside right now while Laura is channeling this :) This simple sound does wonders for the soul! Turn on some nature music and turn off the fear‑based news and replace it with something to calm your body, your mind and your soul. We are going to take you through a meditation now.

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