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Higher Self Message 3

March 12, 2020

Subject: Change the story if you don’t like it!

LAURA: Well, Helloooo Again My Spiritual Family!!! As you know, my guides asked me to start sending out Higher Self messages each month so I will be doing this every other Thursday of the month. (FYI - my business partner Connie – the other Michigan Medium Angel- will send out emails on the opposite Thursdays.) So if you open up the email on that day, the message is for you…even if it is on another day.

This is the third message in the series of messages from your Higher Self. When I connect for you, I never know what information will come forward, but I always know it will be what you need. So if you are reading this today, this message is for you! If you didn’t read the last ones, please go back and do so. But today’s message is independent on its own.

[Note: these messages are sent with an unconditionally loving vibration that can help you in many ways. Notice any subtle or significant changes within a day or two of reading a message. These are signs and messages that are meant to shift your thinking. Read each message from a neutral place. If you notice any reactions, take note. This is awareness in its truest form. Once you have awareness, you can then shift your perspective, which then in turn can create change, which then in turn can propel you toward your goals/dreams.]

HIGHER SELF: Good day and Welcome Back! We are happy to be with you today on your journey for truth and inner knowledge. The previous messages were focused on manifesting. We would like to take this opportunity to continue where we left off.

When you are manifesting… and why is manifesting important? Because you are manifesting all the time, whether you are aware of it or not. You can choose to be a “conscious creator” or an “accept what comes your way” creator. Which would you choose? Let’s say you want to consciously create! Wonderful… Let’s begin!

Question: What do you want to create?

Answer: Whatever feels like would be the next step for you.

Question: How do you determine what would be the next step?

Answer: Ask yourself if you had (fill in the blank) , how would that change your life? What one thing would change your life the most right now?

You can always add to this later. But start with one area. Focus on one area. Get clear on what area you want to shift in your life. This is where you start. It could be career, relationship, finances, physical changes... whatever you feel would help you have the deepest transformation in your life. Put your attention on that particular area and find a way to feel good about it!

You ask: How can I feel good about it if I want to change it?!

We say, Great Question! This is precisely why you are needing to change your attitude and energy surrounding this area. Whatever it is, find a way to feel good about it.

For instance, say you want a new car. Do you get in your car and say, “I hate this car! I really hate this car! This car sucks! The color sucks! The doors suck… the windows won’t even roll down! It’s constantly in the shop, and I have already put so much of my hard earned money into this piece of *%@! …“

If you were to go on like that, what type of manifesting energy are you creating? Probably more of what you are not wanting, right? So how do you reframe an area in your life, and like that which you are wanting to change?!

Answer: Change the story!

So let’s rewrite our car scenario. The more things you can find to appreciate what you have right now, the more the Universe will match that vibration of giving you more of that. When you rewrite the story, you want to say (or think) as many things as you can that are a genuine match for your truth, that feel aligned with your truth. [Note: whether you say it or think it, it still has power.] So find as many true statements as you can that still feel good and are moving you in a positive direction.

Truth statement: “This may not be the exact car I want, but it’s not so bad. It gets me where I need to be most of the time. It has some things I like about it. It was affordable. I get good gas mileage. I like the seats. The tires are in good shape. The inside is clean. I could probably sell it for a good price to someone who likes to fix cars. That could get me a good down payment on an even better car!”

Do you see how we changed the story to be more in alignment to shift the negative energy? The importance of this is once you start to appreciate what you have, the positive attributes, the Universe can match more of that to you. You could even say, “I bet I could find a buyer! I probably know someone who is looking for a car like this. I bet if I put it out on Facebook or told my friends, I could sell it fast… and then I could get an even better car!”

Look how much that shifted the energy… now you’re excited!

Try this out in different areas of your life. There are many ways to shift your energy. Take time to find the ones you like the most and then implement them in your life. See which ones you enjoy. The process of creation can be fun if you allow it to be so.

We will bring new ways next time!

Much love, now and always, Your Higher Self xoxoxo

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