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Higher Self Message 2

February 27, 2020

February 27, 2020

LAURA: Hello again my Spiritual Family :) This is the second message in the series of messages from Your Higher Self. When I connect for you, I never know what information will come forward, but I always know it will be what you need. So if you are reading this today, this message is for you! If you didn’t read the last one, please go back and do so now as this is a continuation. These will all be saved on my website in the Blog section.

HIGHER SELF: Good day and welcome back! Let’s begin. Laura was recently working with a client who is looking to attract a soul mate. The client was saying it was easy to attract other things into her life, such as a free cup of coffee, but the soul mate seems more difficult. This is only the case when you have resistance to receiving an object, item, person or situation. Resistance means you do not feel worthy of receiving what you are wanting. You, unknowingly, may be putting up a wall to the very thing you are wanting.

So how do you change this, you ask? How do you bring to you want you DO WANT… versus what you do not want?

Realize/Remember… YOU ARE THE CREATOR! You have the ability to choose the thoughts you think. Who is thinking your thoughts? You are! What do you choose to think?

Imagine these are your thoughts: “I only want to be with XYZ person. I am so lonely. I want XYZ to love me. Why doesn’t he/she love me? Why can’t I get what I want? Why don’t things work out for me?...” and so on…

Or these: “I am a good person. Why do bad things happen? The world is full of crazy people. Everything good happens to everyone else. I never get what I want. When is my life going to change?” and so on…

These are extreme examples. But we are wanting you to see, what are these thoughts projecting out? What are they projecting out into the Universe that you want? They are projecting lack. This is the immense importance of changing your vibration.

KEY: You are a magnet. You are a magnet. You are a magnet! Hear these words! You are not needing to fear attracting. You are only needing to think the thoughts and feel the thoughts you want.

For instance, say you want to bring more love into your life. What is your first step? Do you go onto a dating site? (Does that feel good or do you get resistance?) Do you call a friend and complain how you do not have love in your life? (Does that contribute or detract to bringing more love into your life?) Do you watch a sad movie and cry? (Does that allow you to release negative emotions temporarily? Does that allow you to feel sad momentarily, but afterwards you have relief? Does this, in turn, make you feel better?) Do you use alcohol or medication to numb how you feel? (You can… but this will only perpetuate the feeling of emptiness you currently have.)

The way to change this is to feel and prepare for this person, for this is the next step: What does it feel like to be with this person?

When you do these visualization exercises, you want to let go of any and all details that don’t feel good. During a visualization, you want to focus on feeling good. So if you are imagining bringing a partner into your experience, you are wanting to imagine the qualities of this person from a relaxed, joy-filled, feeling-good space.

For instance, do not focus on a particular person, for that is trying to control an outcome. Trying to force someone or a particular set of circumstances to occur will only leave you frustrated and repeating old patterns. The way to change this is to let go of a specific outcome and stay general. So during your visualizations, imagine general thoughts of a person, the way they smell, the way they make you feel when you are with them, the places you will go to and travel to, the events you will go to together. All of these details that you imagine are needing to evoke a feeling of feeling good within you. If you start to feel sad or upset, change the scenario quickly. Do not get caught up on this “negative” thought, just release it and pick a new thought… Easy!

Again, if something doesn’t feel good, think of a scenario that does. For instance, you may want your person to look a certain way, but when you think of the way you want them to look, you think of your ex. The way to change that is to imagine someone else who can evoke a feeling of positive thoughts from you. You could imagine you are with a celebrity! Someone who would elicit and evoke the positive feelings you are looking for from a partner. That can help you shift the energy immediately.

Visualization Exercise: (You can record this if you like and then listen to get into more of a relaxed state.) Get comfortable. Relax. Close your eyes. Breathe, take a few deep breaths and just relax. Remember the exercise from last week where you were having fun. Imagine you are laughing, having fun and bring this new love into this scenario. See this new person experiencing this same fun with you. Allow yourself to soak up this feeling of fun with this new person. Integrate them into your life. Imagine they are with you now in your life. You are sooo happy! You are so filled up with the love you have for this person and the love they have for you. It’s easy. It feels comfortable. It feels genuine. It feels natural. Stay in this space for as long as feels good. When you are ready, come back to your physical body.

Notice how you felt during that experience. Don’t judge the feelings. Just allow them. Was it easy? Was it hard to allow yourself to feel loved or to love someone else? Pay attention to any feelings or thoughts that arose during this exercise. This is a critical phase in manifesting. Notice any resistance! This is where change can occur. Journal and record ANY resistance you had. If you had any resistance, any thoughts, analyze them. Sit with them. What are these thoughts trying to tell you? Do you need to do something? Do you feel ready to allow this person into your life? Or is there something you need to do beforehand to prepare yourself to be ready for this person. Be honest. Do you really want to bring in this new person? Are you ready?

Your intuition will always guide you to what is your next step. This is crucial to understanding any blocks in your subconscious. Here is your power. Perhaps the exercise above was easy and you were able to experience having fun fully. Now you ARE READY to bring in a relationship. But if there was any hesitation, spend time tuning into why. If you really want to manifest a partner, you will take the time to do this critical step. You will not be able to go forward unless you do this. You will create a continual loop and continue to stay stuck here. Do yourself a favor right now, today… gift yourself a few minutes each day for the next couple of weeks to do the above exercise. The goal is that each time you do, you will work through any and all resistance and then you will really see the results of your desires come to fruition in physical form!

Your work this week: Imagine you have what you want, the partner you want. All week, continually imagine this person in your life. What does it feel like to be with this person? Imagine them driving with you in the car everywhere you go. Imagine you are eating dinner with this person, sharing breakfast, holding hands. Imagine them texting you and calling you throughout the week. What do you talk about? What are their interests? What do you like about them? What would your next step be to bring this person into your life?

Remember, these are YOUR thoughts! You get to CHOOSE them! Choose the ones that make you feel good!

In two weeks we will bring you more steps and more examples! You are loved beyond measure. We love you and are here for each of you, each step of the way, now and always.

Much Love, Your Higher Self

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