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Higher Self Message 1

Higher Self Message: Number 1 February 13, 2020

LAURA: Well, Hello My Spiritual Family!!! My guides have asked me to start sending out consistent messages each month from your Higher Self! I will be doing this every other Thursday of the month. (FYI - my business partner Connie – the other Michigan Medium Angel- will send out emails on the opposite Thursdays.) So if you open up the email on that day, the message is for you…even if it is on another day. Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you much love today and always!

HIGHER SELF: These messages are sent with an unconditionally loving vibration that can help you in many ways. Notice any subtle or significant changes within a day or two of reading a message. These are signs and messages that are meant to shift your thinking. Read each message from a neutral place. If you notice any reactions, take note. This is awareness in its truest form. Once you have awareness, you can then shift your perspective, which then in turn can create change, which then in turn can propel you toward your goals/dreams.

So take a moment now to think of an area of your life you would like to shift. Really… take a moment… stop reading and think about that. Now write it down.

Let’s say you want to change to a new career. Perhaps you don’t even know what that career is. In either case, take a moment now to imagine having fun… Right now! Take a moment to think of something you enjoy and love doing! This is a creative exercise. This is where you need to use your imagination! It could be dancing. It could be singing. It could be walking or running or something physical. It could be playing with your children or spending time with a relative. It could be watching a funny TV show. Whatever makes you laugh and brings you joy, that is your work FIRST! You must get into a space of FEELING happy. When you can identify what feeling happy feels like, then you can imagine the next steps and attract that to you.

Your work this week: HAVE FUN… laugh… play… take moments throughout your day to smile. Take moments to stop and pause and appreciate. You are wanting to create the FEELING of happiness often. This is the space where manifesting what you want begins.

Visualization Exercise: Get comfortable. Relax. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at a time when you were having fun. See yourself having fun. Either choose a memory or create one in which you are laughing, playing, singing… think of something that made you belly laugh! Create a memory in your mind where you are surrounded by people who make you happy and you feel completely loved.

Do this each day throughout the week for a few minutes each day. If you feel resistance to this, go through the resistance. It is the FIRST step in manifesting your desires. You will want to get familiar with this process. You will want this process to be easy. It is good if it is NOT easy! This is progress! If you have resistance to this and it is too difficult to imagine this scenario, this is the very reason why you are needing to practice this exercise!

Start here. We will share more in the next message. You are loved beyond measure. We love you and are here for each of you, always.

Much Love, Your Higher Self

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