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HOW TO CROSS A WAYWARD SPIRIT... and not be afraid!

Hi Everyone!

I get messages and texts from people all the time asking for help on different topics. I can't answer them all, but I do my best ... and I thought this was a good response for me to share with you. Save this email somewhere in case you need to refer to it later!

So I have a client who said she picked up a wayward spirit at an office she was at and felt a presence in her car afterwards. She said she felt it was angry or upset and it made her feel really uncomfortable. She said she kept looking in her rear view mirror expecting to see someone, but didn't. But could feel this heavy presence and knew someone was there. She asked me what she could do. Just so you know this is a very common occurrence for many Lightworkers. A Lightworker is someone whose purpose is to bring love to the world... in whatever form that is. If you're reading this, you're most likely a Lightworker! And you care about others and our world and you want to make it a better place. Keep reading!

Since I'm a medium, you would think this type of thing happens to me a lot... well, it used to... until I figured out what to do! I still have what I like to call "stragglers" follow me in my car sometimes from reading parties or the grocery store... but now I know it's really nothing to worry about. I just tell them to go home! "Go to the Light!" or " Angels, help this spirit!" But there is a little more to it... below is what I do and what I would recommend.

First and foremost, you have control over spirit, not the other way around. Your free will overrides theirs because you can tell them they have to leave you... and they do. They are with you because they are teaching you something. So figure out what the lesson is... most likely it's to help them cross into the light! And for you NOT to be afraid! And the fear is what keeps them around us actually. They are attracted to our light also because sometimes they will drain us of our energy. So don't be afraid of them. When you're not afraid, and tell them they have to leave... they have to leave and they usually do. Sometimes it can take a few times to say this but it usually works within a couple of days.

Wayward spirits or spirits that are not crossed are stuck in a loop usually. They don't remember what happened to them. They get stuck with an emotion when they died and are attracted to places that repeat that emotion. It's like ground hog day for them and your "light work" is to help them to "wake up". But if they don't, that's not on you. But you can get them out of your energy field, your car, your home... wherever... YOU are in charge... not them!

So second (or really first before you do ANY spirit communication or connection) you always, always, always call in love and light, your guides, angels, loved ones to help you. You can call in God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, your grandma, Uncle George, your pets, white light... anyone or any loved one that you have a connection with that helps you feel safe and protected. You can just say something like this OUT LOUD to the spirit... "I feel you... I sense you ... and I know you're here. But you are not alive anymore... and I'm so sorry about that." (Have genuine compassion for this soul but be firm they need to leave.) "You died and it's time for you to move into the light because you're stuck in the in-between. I know you're not trying to hurt me, but your energy is so intense and it doesn't feel good. I know you want to feel good and your loved ones are waiting for you in the light. I now ask an angel, guide or a loved one for this spirit to help him/her cross into the light now. You are not allowed to stay in my energy field, my home or my car any longer and I command that you must leave now! I send you to the light now with love! Thank you angels/guides/loved ones for helping me with this situation and I now hand it over to you to help this soul. I am surrounded in love & light (my home, my family, my pets, my children, my car) and I thank my guides/angels and loved ones who are always with me protecting and watching over me."

That should do it! Your intention rules so be very firm and clear. You may have to sit and surround yourself in white light or imagine white light surrounding you and your car and fill that space up with white light until you feel a shift in the energy. But you will feel a shift so just give it a few minutes and trust that it is working! You can also open a window in your car or home to let the spirit go out through it.

Let me know if this post has helped you ... or if you have another question you'd like me to answer!

Love & Light to you and everyone!

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