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How do we get what we want?


First Step: Identify what you want! It’s important to identify what it is you want, FIRST. Get clear and specific. Most of the time the reason you are not manifesting or bringing into your experience what it is you are wanting is because you are sending out mixed signals to the Universe. Be Clear. Get clear… first step!

Next step: Once you are clear on what it is you want to create or manifest, get out of your own way! Your only work is to match the vibration of that wanting. So for instance, say you want to manifest more money, let go of where the money is coming from and imagine having more money. Get comfortable, relax, and use your imagination to visualize having more money. Feel it, see it, sense it in whatever way feels good to you. If you get resistance (if it feels uncomfortable in any way) this is how you know you have a block here. Are you uncomfortable with receiving “too much”? Are you afraid of not having “enough”? For this basic example, you do not need to spend time in this scenario worrying about your blocks. But you do need to feel good thinking about more money coming to you! So your only “job” is to imagine having more money and it feeling good.

Next Step: Focus on receiving! Laura has a mantra “I am open to receiving… love/abundance/all good things” and this, in turns, manifests in many ways. You can have a goal. Goals are good. But in the process of receiving a goal, you may attract other “goodies” along the way!

You can use this imagination game with anything. Play around with it. Manifesting is fun! You will be amazed once you play this game what starts showing up. You will manifest things you were not expecting. For instance, Laura just received a 10% off coupon to Target for no other reason than she is matching the vibration of receiving.

You are the creator of your own reality. To shift from where you are to what you want takes conscious thought. You MUST shift your thoughts from what you don’t want (lack/fear) to abundance/expectation/joy/fun/excitement! If this seems too big a stretch to close the gap in this scenario, think of something you enjoy doing that brings you joy. Imagine that you are doing that… right now! See yourself laughing, happy, playing…feel the sun on your face… imagine you are on the beach… start where you can. And then allow yourself to receive.

EXERCISE: Try this!!! Imagine you are on a stage and there are thousands of people in the audience…and everyone is there to honor YOU!!! They are all there to bring you gifts!!! Every single person, some you know, some you do not. They each have something of value to gift to you, just because. Some share words of love and encouragement. Some tell you how you have helped them. Others give you tangible gifts, money, jewelry… even a car! Whatever you imagine, allow yourself to receive ALL OF THAT ABUNDANCE… simply for the reason that you are worthy… and just because you exist! You are loved beyond anything you can ever imagine. This is only a fraction of the love that exists for you. You can revisit this visualization any time you need a pick-me-up or to switch your vibration from worry/fear to love/abundance/peace/happiness. It really only takes a few minutes.

The last step: Practice this! Many of you have been taught various limiting beliefs related to abundance/prosperity/happiness. It can take time to change automatic responses. This is where practicing feeling good will help. Shifting your inner vibration (thoughts/feelings) WILL change outward circumstances. Don’t wait… try it now!

Much love, YOUR Higher Self

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