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In April of 2010 Laura had a profound spiritual experience that altered her life's trajectory. Through connecting with her Higher Self (Abraham), she was able to overcome tremendous obstacles, create major shifts in her thought process, and find true peace and healing.

By sharing her personal experiences, you will learn how to connect with your Higher Self and receive daily guidance in all areas of your life. Your soul has many gifts to teach you and is waiting for you to ask questions that will propel you forward.

Are you looking for clarity on a particular subject?
Do you feel stuck and want answers?
Are you looking to improve your life?
Do you want to create a huge shift in your thinking?
Are you open to invaluable insights only your Higher Self can offer?
This is a book that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and amazing adventures of the soul. Now is the time to open your heart to all possibilities. Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

The Keys To: Your Higher Self

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  • Within the book, under the Meditation section at the very beginning, there is a link to a FREE guided meditation included.

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