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Higher Self Message No. 17


LAURA: Well, hello again our Spiritual Family!!! So happy to be connecting with you today! Each week Connie and I (The Michigan Medium Angels) will channel a message for you from Your Higher Self. If you are reading this, the message is meant for you! I channeled a meditation and posted it about a week ago. I was only going to leave it up for free for a limited time, but I am leaving it available for free for a while still. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it, you still can. It is “Mother Mary Healing meditation” listed on my website at under the “Meditations” tab.

On Sunday I heard a song repeating in my head as I was cooking, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love"... and I posted a link on Facebook to the song. And as I am getting ready to channel this message, I look up and see on my calendar a quote that says, "Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable" by Mahatma Gandhi. I think you can see a theme here! So as I am getting ready to channel this, I feel love will be the topic today. Let's see what your Higher Self has to say this week.

YOUR HIGHER SELF: There is much going on in the world right now, and in your individual worlds as well. What we would like to remind you of today is your ability to feel love in each moment. This is your biggest strength and power. Love is the force that connects all of life, all things. Love is what makes the world go ‘round they say. Even though this is a very true statement, many times you may find it difficult to see love in each situation that you are experiencing. We are wanting to explain that it is important, imperative for you to experience and feel the emotions that you feel and that you experience, not hold back how you are feeling. But we would like to help you in interpreting your feelings and allowing your feelings expression when you are not in a place of love. For instance, today Laura came across an article that listed out a process to releasing fears. The process was something she has done many times before, but the steps were written out in a helpful way. When you are in need of new ways of managing and coping with your stressful lives, we have a process we would like to offer that may be helpful.

Take a moment and relax, take a deep breath. Breathe in several deep breaths and relax your body for a minute. Once you have relaxed your body, imagine or sense your intention is to bring in the light of your Higher Self now. You can just imagine or feel this happening. Because it is your intention, it is occurring whether you feel anything or not. Take another deep breath and relax.

Focus on an area of your body that is causing upset. It could be a physical pain or an emotional pain. Allow yourself to find the area of your body that feels pressure in it or tight or possibly has stuck energy in it. Take a minute to find where this is in your body. It could be in your head, chest, neck or back, legs, heart area, throat... don't think too much about it, just notice where you have a stuck feeling or emotion in your body.

Once you have identified this space, again, take a deep breath, imagine that your Higher Self's light is spinning throughout this area at a very high rate of speed and feel or sense light and movement circulating in this area clearing and releasing any stuck energy out of that area of your body now. Allow your Higher Self to do the work. Just continue to place your attention on this space, feeling the area being cleansed and cleared by your Higher Self now. Your Higher Self knows what you need and where you need it. Take a deep breath again and send love into this space. Place your attention on that area and sense or feel love, a loving light, or the sensation of love into that space. Put all of your love that you can into this area now. Feel, sense or see this area light up, feel lighter. You can do all of this with your eyes open. It is just your intention to bring love into the area of your body or your mind that needs loving attention.

You have a tendency to shut down when you have an uncomfortable feeling. We would suggest that when something surfaces, instead of avoiding the feeling, sit with it, place love into it intentionally. It is just a feeling and you don't have to identify with the feeling or take on the feeling as truth. This feeling is surfacing because it is wanting your attention. Think of your feelings as little children. When you were a child and trying to get your parents' attention or caregiver's attention, you may have felt dismissed and not heard. Over time you may have suppressed your feelings because it either wasn't safe to express them or you didn't know how to express them in a healthy way. In each and every situation where you are having upset feelings, love is always the answer. Send love to that situation by focusing your loving attention on it. It is important to practice this regularly.

You may be reading these words and think, "Oh, I've done that before," or talk yourself out of trying this. We would encourage you to practice this with something that is really bothering you.

Take a moment to feel love. What does that feel like? Think of a situation in which you felt loved, really loved. (If that is too difficult, think of a time you felt proud, really proud of yourself or accomplished something that made you feel proud). Now tune into that feeling… and hold that feeling. Now take that feeling and send that feeling to that area that needs your love right now. It could be to your future self. It could be to your job. It could be to a physical part of your body. It could be to an emotion you are experiencing. But fill that issue or area completely with love now. Imagine that you are pouring love from a chalice into this space now. Take a deep breath.

Now feel your Higher Self’s energy and light spinning again throughout your body in waves, filling you up with even more light. The first round of light was to cleanse and clear. This round of light is now to fill you up completely with unconditional love and unconditional light. You are deserving of love. You are deserving of the highest vibration of love. It is okay for you to experience all of your emotions. But it is also important for you to process your emotions and not stay stuck.

Today we would encourage you to fill yourself up with love, with loving light in any and all moments you start to sense or feel yourself drift away from love. Feel that loving feeling and soak it up. Imagine your body is a love sponge, and that each person you come in contact with today is receiving a dab from your love sponge! Fill yourself up with love today and everyone will benefit.

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love," and so do you. Spreading love into the world starts with you. We love you more than you could ever know. As you are reading this, you are receiving a transmission of unconditional loving waves. You may see colors or sparkles or specs of light. This is your Higher Self communicating with you! Your acknowledgement of this helps us to bring more light and love to you. Love yourself the way your Higher Self does, unconditionally today and always.


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