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Laura's Higher Self Message 6


April 23, 2020

LAURA: Helloooo My Spiritual Family!!! Sending you lots of air hugs!!! I hope that all of you are safe and healthy. The last few weeks have actually been difficult for me because I haven’t been feeling well. But I am feeling better today … so that is my main focus! Connie & I (The Michigan Medium Angels) are trying really hard to bring you videos each day to help you through this unique time in our history. We are recording “good news” from our own personal lives, funny stories sometimes to make you laugh, and at times very serious and personal stories so you do not feel alone. We have both needed to take a few days off and have shared some of our videos from our 31 Days of Abundance series. But don’t worry! We will be sending out new videos soon! Each week we also send out a personal message that we channel from your Higher Self. If you are reading this, it is meant for you! This week’s message is about Hope! I “hope” you stay hopeful and learn a new way to look at the word “hope” after this message. Please leave your comments or thoughts on our Facebook page (thesoulhealingcenter444) or email me at or Sending you all my love… xoxoxo


Welcome everyone. We've spent a lot of time talking about manifesting and our last post was on fear. Today we'd like to discuss and expand on the topic of hope. Hope comes in many forms. It is on the spectrum of reaching toward a better feeling thought. Let us explain. When you are looking to achieve happiness, achieve your goals, feel better, you are needing to have expectation that things will or can move in the direction of your liking. If you are feeling sad, scared, lost, anxiety ridden, you will need to change your point of attraction. In order to do this you need hope. We are here to offer you a beacon of hope. We are wanting to explain. Even in the midst of your seemingly chaotic outer experience in your world presently, there is still much hope. And we are wanting to offer you that branch to hold onto, to reach out for, the olive branch, per se. We are wanting to remind you that you are never alone. You are safe, always. No matter what outside circumstances appear to be. For many of you, happiness may seem far away from you now. But there are those of you who are turning this purported negative situation into positive.

If you are one who is finding ways to be of service at this time and you are in need of hope, we are here to offer you support. Some of you may be finding this time as joyful, and a blessing to be able to spend more time with your family. Some of you may be finding it a very scary time and are in much need of support. We are wanting to help you through this difficult time. No emotion that you are experiencing is "wrong". They are your emotions. This is your experience. We are offering you a way to shift and change your vibration if you are experiencing feelings of lack, feelings of fear, feelings of unknown territory. We are wanting to be your rock. We want you to know that the answers are always within. Taking time to turn within will always be your first response, your first priority, turn inward.

There are times when you may feel overwhelmed and cannot hear the internal guidance. This is when you are needing to tune in even more. How do you tune in? Sit quietly. Breathe. Relax your entire body. Think of a memory that makes you happy. Think of something that makes you happy. Sit with this feeling and let it build momentum. Then from this space, allow an angel to step forward, a guide, a loved one, your Higher Self, allow the connection to All-Knowing Source to flow through you. Allow yourself to feel the energy of love to course through your entire body. Once you are in this state, you can allow more love to flow into your outward experience. Getting yourself into a higher vibration, which feeling love is the highest, will help you to move up the emotional scale. The emotional scale goes from feeling bad to feeling good and the emotions in between.

If you are finding it hard to feel hopeful right now, think of the seasons. Think of winter. In the winter it looks as if everything is dead. All of the leaves have fallen off the trees. The grass is hard, frozen in most places. There may be snow where you live which makes it cold, sometimes harsh. If you did not know about the seasons, you may give up. If you were a farmer and you needed to grow your own produce to survive and you did not know about the seasons, that spring would come one day, you may give up. If you were in finance and all you saw was the stock market going down, and didn't know about the seasons, and how things fluctuate, you may give up. If you were in the housing market and never knew things fluctuate cyclically, you may give up. If you never had a cold or were sick and got better, or knew the potential to get better, you may give up the first time you got sick. Your thought process, your ability to be hopeful is imperative at times like this. You may not be able to see all the reasons why, and it may feel overwhelming, you may feel out of control, but that is okay. When you have hope that the sun will come up tomorrow, the earth will be fruitful one day, the financial market will rise again, the housing market will recover, your health and physical well-being can always improve, this is the definition of H-O-P-E; H-ave, O-nly, P-eace, E-verywhere. Take time to absorb that message. Look around at every experience from this moment forward, every person, every thought, every single thing in your life experience and think about it through the eyes of your Higher Self: H-O-P-E, H-ave, O-nly, P-eace, E-verywhere. This will bring you true and genuine peace, hope and love.

Offering you another perspective: You have been through so much in your life. Can you see this as another opportunity to grow? Are there any ways that you can see right now where this world situation is helping to change things; to shift things; to move them in a better direction? How many stories have you heard how people are helping people right now; giving love back to those in need? We are giving back to you now. We are encouraging you to hold steadfast in the belief that you are safe and loved and provided for and cared for enormously.

If you enter a dark room, do you continue to stay in a dark room or do you turn the light on? We are asking you to turn the light on. You are the light. You can shine your hope light to those around you just by staying positive; by tuning into your inner self for calm each day. Change is inevitable. But it doesn't have to be something to be feared. Take today to sit down and write a letter to your Higher Self. What would you like to say? Ask a question. Listen for the answer. You may be surprised by what you hear.

Our message today is of hope, hope for tomorrow, hope for you and your family. We bring you peace, joy, love, happiness always. Your thoughts can be hopeful or they can be fearful. Which would you prefer? It will take continued effort to shift and change your fearful thoughts if all you are doing is listening to fear-based news, fear-based people, fear-based situations. We are not saying to ignore what is occurring. We are asking you to go within and recognize there is meaning behind the chaos. This will shift your world. Your outer world is in need of shifting. Your inner world could be in need of shifting as well.

Our hope is that you will feed more messages of hope, more messages of love, more messages of inspiration by being that, doing that, acting on that, listening to sources of love. You can be that source of love for others as well. What you do and say does matter. Just as the sun rises each day, you can have hope for tomorrow, for a better tomorrow, for an improving world in many areas. You may not be able to see how this situation will bring more positive than negative, but we are assuring you it will.

So today, go within and feel the enormous amount of love your Higher Self has for you. Tune into and absorb that love into your entire body, even for a few minutes. This will connect you with hope, with love, with peace. Knowing that just like the seasons, this situation is temporary and you can count on miracles! So write a letter to us, to your Higher Self, and watch for miracles to occur! Each day is a miracle. Tell us what you need, but be hopeful, be optimistic, stay in a space of receiving and this will transform into outward miracles.

Remember, some miracles may seem small. But count them all! Each drop of water eventually fills the bucket! We are here for you. We love you. We offer you hope in the form of trust. Trust that we hear you. We hear your concerns. We hear your worries and fears. They are not going unnoticed. Have faith, have trust, have hope that things will shift shortly. And look for the things in your life that are working. Write to us, listening for your inner knowing. You have all the answers within.

Much love, your Higher Self. Your team of angels and guides are all around you, now and always, and forever.

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