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Higher Self Message 5


(Channeled By Laura Ashley-Abraham)

April 9, 2020

LAURA: Hellooooo my Spiritual Family!!! Hope you are all healthy and safe :) I know there’s a lot going on right now and I’m sending you lots of love and light each day to help all of you through this. Connie and I are working together to bring you videos each day and new content in various ways. We are hosting online classes and virtual reading parties. And don’t forget, we do readings online via Zoom or FaceTime. So if you find you need some extra help, we are both available to do private readings. We are both offering discounts during this time so don’t hesitate to reach out! Check us out on our Facebook page at thesoulhealingcenter444

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Every two weeks I channel a message from your Higher Self and below is the message for this week.

HIGHER SELF: Let's talk about fear. That is what is happening on your planet right now, lots and lots of fear. So how do you maintain calm in the midst of a storm? That is the question that everyone is wanting to know. How do you find a way to stay centered and calm during a crisis such as the one you are finding yourselves in? This is a great lesson, one in which there are many hidden gems. When there is crises, you tend to feel out of control, out of your normal responsive ways. We would ask you to allow yourselves to be patient with this process. Each of you is in a different area of this process, learning this process of how to calm during a storm. It is not always an easy process many of you find.

So what are the ways in which to accomplish calm or more calm? We would suggest one way is to incorporate calm into your life on a more regular basis when there's not so much chaos. Now, with all the chaos, it sheds light on the situation in a new perspective. It is more imperative now to take steps to accomplish this daily. You may need to do some of these steps several times a day. Take time to find which ones work for you. The first step we would suggest is to take moments throughout your day to breathe, breathe in deeply, breathe out fully. We have discussed this previously, but it cannot be stated enough how important this step can be in calming and relaxing your body and your mind and releasing fear. When you are fearful, your body tends to tense up. You tend to allow your chatter mind to take over. And stopping in those moments and breathing deeply can really help you find your center again. What is your center? Good question! This is why we are recommending when there's not a pandemic to find where your calm centered space is. When you are having a good day, take a moment and close your eyes and feel what that feeling within your body feels like to feel good. How does that feel? This is a good, what we would call, baseline for how you are wanting to feel most of the time. So when you have your baseline, you can then adjust yourself to that baseline regularly.

During that time when you are checking into your body, ask yourself what does your body feel like when it's calm? What does your body feel like when it is relaxed? Notice any thoughts or feelings that emerge during that checking in process. You can do that now if you are in a good space emotionally or wait for a day where you are feeling good. We would recommend this practice for a time when you are not in a heightened state of emotion, but a happy, feeling good state.

If you are not able to have a baseline, give yourself time to establish that. Start with the breathing. Take a moment and breathe deeply now, and release and relax your breath fully out. Now do this three times, breathe in, breathe out; breathe in, breathe out; breathe in, breathe out. Now check your body for any areas that feel tense or stuck. Breathe in and out three more times into each one of those areas separately. For instance, if your chest is tight, take a relaxing deep breath into your chest and release and relax the muscles. Do this until you feel this area relax. Then move on to the next area if there is one. This would be the first step in finding calm and relaxation.

The next step would be thinking of something that makes you happy. If you are stressed about money and thinking about money right now stresses you out, don't think about money! Think about something else that makes you happy. If you are in a space where you can think about money flowing to you or toward you from the Universe, allow yourself to do this. Money is energy so take a moment to close your eyes and imagine that you are a magnet. You are a magnet to money! This is not the time to worry about how the money will come to you, but a time to imagine money in general being drawn to you. In your reality it can take time for your thoughts to appear in the physical. But know when you do this exercise, you are drawing money to you. So again, take a breath, relax and imagine money flowing to you, lots and lots of it! Feel the money, grab it out of the air, and imagine you are like a wind tunnel that has suction and all around you there is a wind tunnel of suction that is pulling in all of this money! And you feel happy during this process and it is fun! Spend a few moments in that space.

Now, once you have taken time to play with your money, you can take a moment to imagine the feeling of safety all around you. Right now in your world this is a time of heightened fear. And many of you do not feel safe. So in order for you to feel safe it is important to cultivate that feeling regularly. One of the ways is to tune into your intuition and communicate with that all‑knowing part of yourself. You all have connection to this, whatever you wish to call this connection. It is innate and within each of you. You are never disconnected from this internal knowing, unless you choose not to listen. Many of you are fearing the unknown right now. We would ask for you to stay focused on the present moment as much as possible. In this moment feel that you are safe. In this moment feel that you are healthy, strong, vibrant, capable, protected.

Close your eyes and say, "I am healthy. "How does that feel? Do you feel resistance in your chest? Or in another part of your body? If you do, do the breathing exercise above. Breathe in and out three times. And then say, "I am healthy". Do this until you feel this area relax and it feels like truth to you. Next try this one: Close your eyes and say, "I am safe". How does that feel? If you feel resistance, allow yourself to do the breathing exercise again until you are able to say "I am safe" and you feel your body relax. You are doing this until you feel your body relax. Once your body relaxes, you can then start the creation process. You are not wanting to create from a heightened fear state. If you are thinking all fear‑based thoughts, that is drawing more fear‑based thoughts to you. So change this, regularly. Do not judge yourself or beat yourself up for fear‑based thoughts. Instead, catch them and shift them quickly.

Another way to recognize your fear‑based thoughts is to say them out loud. Many of you will be repeating fear‑based thoughts on auto pilot. You are hearing this from others. You are seeing more fear on the news. Or you are feeling fear in general for the unknown. When you are catching your fear‑based thoughts going around and around in your head, take a moment to stop and say what you are thinking out loud so you can hear it and change it. You do not need to fear your fear‑based thoughts! You are only needing to catch them and be aware of them so you can shift them toward what you do want.

Take another deep breath, breathe in and out, breathe in relaxation and calm into your body. Repeat out loud, "I am safe and I am free to choose the thoughts I wish to think. I choose to think thoughts that help me feel peace, love, joy, prosperity. I choose these often and regularly. I know when I think them, I feel good, and feeling good is my birthright. I choose to feel protected and safe now. I am safe, my family is safe, and all is well". Feel free to change the above verbiage if necessary to fit your own needs.

We are wanting you to know that you have many loved ones and guides who are watching over you continuously. Listen for their messages. You have the ability to access their loving wisdom and guidance. Allow that connection without blocking or censoring or discounting what you are receiving. You each have the ability to connect to your own inner wisdom/guidance. Remember this a process and when you tune in and relax, you are then more able to hear the messages clearly. Keep a journal and record your inner wisdom. When you feel yourself feeling afraid, remember to acknowledge the feeling, but move through the feeling, release the feeling by seeing it float away in a bubble. And feel that feeling be replaced with calm by breathing in calm and releasing out fear.

We are hoping this will help you today and in the coming weeks and any time you are needing to use this process. We love to connect and communicate with you and are grateful for you taking the time to read and hear these words. Returning to calm, finding calm is a process and is one that needs to be cultivated regularly. It will not be your automatic state. For many of you have been programmed to fear. So this process will take effort and time. But it will be well worth it! All our love, support and guidance, much love, your Higher Self.

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