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The Flame of The Flame of Transmutation from "The Seven Sacred Flames" book by Aurelia Louise Jones. You do not need the book to attend. The actions and qualities of this Ray we will be discussing and the vibrational healing you will receive will be : How to allow yourself to manifest more of what you truly want in life. How to transmute negative energy in people and situations into positive energy. Guidance on how to gracefully let go of what no longer serves you. You will hear from Master St. Germain on how to heal and transform your life with the Violet Flame. Lastly, we will discuss relationships whether it’s karmic, spiritual or breaking past patterns.


The five things that you will get out of this workshop is...

1)learn more about ascended masters, angels, and crystals

2)enhance intuition - This is optional. You will have an opportunity to practice receiving and giving messages if you would like to. Simply observing will be an experience because you will be learning how to give and interpret readings

3)one person from each class will receive a free reading

4)Connections- this will be interactive and you will be connected to other like-minded people. Especially with times like these, this can provide a sense of community among us.

5) Meditation- each class will end with a mediation associated with each flame.


This workshop is for all levels from beginner to advance.

You do not need any experience to participate.

This will be an ongoing class where we will be hosting Spiritual Growth a couple of times a month. You can attend them all or drop in whenever you would like as you will benefit from any part of the class. The class will be geared towards the book of The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones. It is not necessary to purchase the book.

Spiritual Growth-The Seven Sacred Flames (The Seventh Ray)

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