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During this Workshop, you will learn how to interpret Signs & Symbols, enhance your intuition, and incorporate them in your every day life!  If you've ever wondered about the messages you're receiving, this is the class to take.  It will be an interactive class so bring your questions! 


Below are some of the main topics that will be covered:

* Universal Symbols versus Personal Symbols

* Numbers

* Signs From Animals

* Sacred Symbols

* Physical Manifestation of Signs & Symbols from Spirit (Loved Ones/Guides/Angels)

* How to use Signs & Symbols for Dream Interpretation

* Sacred Geometry

* How to apply knowledge of Signs & Symbols to assist in understanding Tarot & Oracle       Cards

* Horoscope Symbols

* ... and MORE!


If you've taken classes with the Michigan Medium Angels before, this is completely new material.  Remember that Signs & Symbols are the Universe's way of communicating with us.  What is the Universe trying to tell you!?

Signs & Symbols Class 1

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