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Do people call you "too sensitive"? Do you feel you take on the energy of others? Do you ever feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or upset at times seemingly for no reason or because you were just around someone who felt that way? Do you say "I'm sorry" a lot? (Believe it or not, that is actually a sign you're an Earth Angel/Empath.) In this class, we will learn what it means to be empathetic (sensitive), the degrees of being empathetic, how to set healthy boundaries, how to protect your energy field, clearing and cleansing your energy field, and also how being "sensitive" is a SUPERPOWER! We will teach you how to harness your SUPERPOWER! This class includes a link for a video as well as a pdf file that is an Archangel reference guide that shares descriptions and functions of each archangel. 

Earth Angels and Empaths

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